Basic Hypnotist Certification Course

In this class, you will learn self-hypnosis, progressive relaxation & deepening techniques, handling resistance and other methods to induce a deep state of hypnosis in others. Learn powerful subconscious communication skills and gather important information from the client during the questionnaire/intake process so that you can help affect positive, lasting change in them. Learn about the history of hypnosis and how to explain hypnosis to the public in order to dispel common myths and fears. Expand your already existing holistic practice by offering hypnosis or use this powerful mind/body healing skill to empower yourself, family and friends. This class provides 21 credits enabling you to start practicing hypnosis as a Certified Basic Hypnotist once you finish the class.

Recommended reading: "The Wizard Within" by A.M. Krasner

Certification program costs $395 for 3 days and includes:
Manual, practical exam & certification
21 CEUs (21 hours of credits)
Snacks & beverages also included

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