Hi Tec's CDT Golf Shoes Help You Improve Your Game

Hi Tec's CDT technology golf shoe can really help improve your golf game. PGA golfer Padraig Harrington, swears by these shoes. They helped him move from 74th place in the rankings to 20th place. "For every 1 mph of ball speed, the ball travels 2.5 yards further. I've added 17.5 yards to my game," he says.

It's amazing what has gone into the science of the CDT Launch Pad Outsole. Research records the center of gravity and torque force on the actual soles of the shoes and makes a biomechanical analysis of players' swings when they wear Hi Tec's CDT golf shoes. If you go to www.cdtpower.com, you can view video clips and the data based on photos shot by a camera with a shutter speed of 250 frames per second and computer analysis made by RSscan software to the minutest of detail.

The base of the CDT technology shoe was engineered to hold your feet where they belong when that perfect golf swing is made. The shoe's base makes the most of your swing's torque force as you hit the ball giving you a little extra spring for a lot more power. Increased grip and torsion of the CDT sole means more stability and balance and therefore, more power, control and distance.

To arrive at the optimum outsole design and CDT configurations, researchers observed, recorded and analyzed a range of golfers' swings and foot positions while the flight of the ball was visible. Researchers were particularly interested in the weight distribution and changing pressure patterns of golfer's feet. These tests revealed that 88% of players wearing CDT golf shoes decreased the distance between the furthest and shortest ball and had increased accuracy and consistency of their golf shots. 100% of the players wearing CDT golf shoes felt they hit the ball longer; 72% hit their driver longer. The data was based on comparisons made with the Longitudinal Stability Index which measures a golfer's center of gravity as the golfer swings the club. The longer the center of gravity can be maintained throughout the swing and towards the target, the more energy is directed towards the target, improving efficiency and accuracy. CDT technology helps concentrate that energy on the center of gravity 94% of the time.

In addition, the average ball speed attained by Padraig Harrington using average metal cleats was 166 mph while the average ball speed attained by Harrington wearing Hi Tec's CDT golf shoes was 173 mph. "The new outsole adds extra spring from the torsional loading," says Harrington, "that's why we named it the 'Launch Pad.' Even with a bad swing, the added stability and rigidity means I am more able to hang onto the shot." You can maximize the performance and grip of Hi Tec's CDT technology golf shoes yourself by experimenting with some 4 million possible combinations, but Hi Tec has made it easy for you to follow any one of the three ideal combinations it suggests: The Power Plus for the optimum traction to fully load your swing, The Uphill/Downhill for traction on hilly terrain, The Perimeter for improving lateral traction especially if you tend to get ahead of your swing.

CDT cleats are the first in golf, customized to suit your game, when combined with the MacNeill Q-Lok(tm) system. These cleats give you improved stability when playing a shot for greater power and accuracy. They are also greens-friendly. Traditional metal cleats can damage the golf course environment. CDT cleats on the other hand are made from the newest synthetic materials. Each cleat consists of two different densities: a stiff base material of BASF polyurethane 98A durometer and a more flexible pin of 88A durometer. So, if you're playing on a harder, more compact green, the cleat pins spread your load over a greater surface area, reducing any potential damage to the green. On the fairway where the grass is longer, the pins move between the blades of grass and sit to the contour of the ground. This means they play a more active role in the shoes' grip.

Hi Tec's Custom Comfort CDT shoe (available in three styles: 1. white/walnut/crocodile, 2. white/tan/brown and 3. black/black/reptile with a SRP of $149) is designed with fashion in mind and has some additional unique features: Full grain leather vamp, contoured custom fitting footbeds, Stabilaflex contoured lasting board, Arrow wear indicator, Standard stinger toe cleat, New CDT launch pad outsole, Lateral rubber swing dams, 45° Impact traction lugs, Medial roll bar, Q-Lok(tm) receptacles.

For more info, visit your local golf shop or www.cdtpower.com