A Different Approach to Treating Asthma
by Dr. Steven V. Macagnone

Asthma is an often debilitating condition that involves the bronchi of the lungs. These are the small tubules that pass air from the larger passages to the ever smaller tubes until that air finally reaches small air "sacs" called alveoli. During an asthma "attack," these tiny bronchioles constrict, when they should dilate and this constriction makes it impossible for the sufferer to pass air in and out of the lungs effectively. It literally is a suffocation event and it can be very frightening and even life-threatening. These attacks can be triggered by allergens, strong emotions, or come without warning for seemingly no reason at all.

For many years, medical doctors have struggled with this perplexing and paroxismal problem and a variety of drugs have been on the market for some time. One of the strongest drugs in use today for severe cases of asthma is Prednisone, which is a very potent corticosteroid. Many of these drugs can help break an oncoming attack, and can certainly save a life in severe crisis situations, but beware that ALL come with side-effects, some of which are extremely dangerous. Also, none of these drugs can cure the problem, the best that they can offer (as with any drug) is symptom relief.

Let's examine what actually happens during an asthmatic episode. A trigger (allergen, emotion, etc.) starts the ball rolling. This sets up a neurological reflex that causes the smooth muscles that line the small bronchioles to contract. This contraction causes the caliber of the airway to become smaller and thus creates the difficulty. The question then becomes "What causes the muscles to contract?" As with all muscles, the small smooth muscles respond to messages from nerves. Why then would the nerves send messages to the lungs that would seem counter to survival? The answer is, in a normal situation, they wouldn't. It seems obvious that there are only two possibilities. Either the nerves are sending the wrong messages, or the muscles are interpreting the message as sent improperly. Either way, the result is the same, constriction of the airways.

For many years, Chiropractors have observed clinical evidence that when the small spinal nerves in the neck and upper back are irritated because of spinal derangements known as subluxations the patient can present with asthma. By removing these subluxations, in a vast number of cases the asthma improves or resolves altogether.

Eleven years ago, a woman brought her 18-year old son into my office. He was less than 4 feet tall, extremely bloated and round looking, he was legally blind due to cataracts, his liver, kidneys, and adrenal glands were all failing, and he had osteoporosis throughout his skeleton. In fact, his bones were so brittle that one day both of his feet broke just trying to stand up. He spent two weeks out of every month in ICU in the hospital fighting for his life. On that particular day, his mother was told by the boy's doctor that he would not live another 2 years. He was dying due to the side-effects of long term Prednisone use. You see, he had severe asthma since early childhood and had been using Prednisone all of his life. It was a double-edged sword, the medicine would help him to breathe but it was also killing him slowly.

I, at that time did not know that Chiropractic could help him, but this boy's Mother insisted that I try to help. She said that she had read something about the nerves that control the lungs and that Chiropractic might be able to relieve the pressure on them thus allowing him to breathe. I hesitantly took the case. Adjustments were made to his neck and midback, and within a few short months, this boy began having fewer asthma attacks. He NO LONGER REQUIRED MEDICATION (prednisone) WITHIN 6 MONTHS of beginning care, and ONE YEAR LATER, WAS COMPLETELY ASTHMA FREE. Amazing you say? Yes, truly amazing. You see the most amazing thing was that even though I was a practicing Chiropractor I had no idea the power of a simple adjustment. As to the story's truth. The boy is now 29 years old, holds the "Stonybrook University's Strongest Man" distinction and happens to be my younger brother.

Since my brother's recovery, I have seen Chiropractic help literally dozens of asthmatics, both young and old! If you or anyone you know suffers with or has a child that suffers with asthma, please call us IMMEDIATLEY at 516-433-4242 to schedule a special consultation and check up! You will be glad that you did!

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