Understanding Feng Shui: How to Attract More Chi Into Your Life
by Gabrielle Alizay

Chi is the magical elixir of life. All things are born from it and everything pulses with this life force rhythm. Chi is also an exquisite energy which brings blessing, luck and miracles to the fortunate beneficiary who actively works to attract its powerful attention. The presence of chi can help to solve any problem, whether it's a health malady, a financial issue, or even a familial matter. Though chi is invisible to the eye, it can be felt by a discerning person who feels its obvious presence exuding from certain places, objects and people. Why? He, she, or it vibrates with an unmistakable rush of radiance.

By understanding Feng Shui, you can increase the existence of chi in the home and office helping things to flow more easily in your life. Chi is an honored guest-a queen or king who visits you frequently, so it's necessary to allow it to flow uninhibited into your life. Focus first on the walkway to your front door (as opposed to the door you use more frequently - the garage, kitchen or back door). Your porch and entranceway outside the front door should be clean and clear of debris, clutter and other signs of every day living. Chi is responsive and follows the path of least resistance, similar to any liquid seeking it's own level. If your pathway and porch are messy and in need of maintenance, chi will just find the building down the street instead, one which calls to it with respect and welcome arms.

The front door in Feng Shui is called the Mouth of Chi. In order for chi to bless the rest of your space and life, it must find you but also feel welcome through this architect's intended front door. Because of this, the Mouth must be apparent and the door functioning properly. In Feng Shui, the most important symbol in your entire dwelling is the front door. This portal receives the life-force of the universe into your home, office and life. Make sure the door does not stick, opens easily and opens into a clean, well-lit area. Dark and dank entranceways will not energize chi, you, nor anyone else who enters. Miracles will pass you by.

Here is an incredible Feng Shui premise: your home and office reflect and affect your world in general. Every step you make with intention, positively shapes your life at large. This notion makes Feng Shui a phenomenal problem-solving tool. How? Whatever issues exist in your life can be symbolically located in your home and office with a Feng Shui tool known as a Bagua. In every building, certain life values reside: career, health, fame, money, love, friends and more. The Bagua, an eight-sided figure which is in the form of an octagon, is superimposed over a floor plan of your building to determine where these values symbolically are. When you are aware of which rooms relate to what life value, you can easily begin to use Feng Shui to make those life values more abundantly rich.

Having the abundance of chi is, without doubt, the very first step to solving any problem according to Feng Shui. Because the condition of your home and office influences your life in general, every issue in your life becomes optimistically charged when chi is present. It's simple to guarantee that chi comes into your life. The following suggestions invite chi into your life:
1. Placement of Object. On the wall to the right or left of the architect's intended front door, attach the numbered address of your home. If numbers are not in your style or are impossible, a door mat, figurine, symbol, or plaque will do. You decide. If you do not have walls on either side of the door, use your intuition on where to place an item, which raises your energy near the door. Whatever the object, it acts as the attracter of chi to your dwelling and is quite an important act.
2. Visualize/Imagine "It" Already Occurring. Imagine a glitter-like substance (which stands for chi) coming down both sides of the road in front of your home and office. See it turning up your sidewalk or walkway and moving easily and effortlessly towards the address numbers or object near the front door, until it reaches it. Do not be conservative on the amount of chi you see at your door. Exaggeration is good. Make it big and joyful.
3. Statement Out Loud. "Now, chi easily and effortlessly finds our/my home/office and life. Miracles, joy, health and love occur every day in every way. This or something better for the Highest Good, now occurs."

Gabrielle Alizay has been an international Feng Shui consultant and teacher for over a decade. Her book, "Feng Shui For The Rest Of Us" (ISBN: 1594111324) is available at fine bookstores, by calling 800-497-0037, or by visiting www.homepeace.com