One Minute Workouts with Minna Lessig
by Christine Lynn Harvey

Just answer three simple questions, and you could enjoy a different workout every day for the rest of your life. "One Minute Workout: Total Body Toning" new fitness DVD featuring fitness expert Minna Lessig is the most versatile and complete workout ever to be released. Innovative software technology allows you to benefit from a million workout combinations based on your specific needs - that's why you could conceivably never work out the same way every day for the rest of your life!

When you pop the DVD in, you can choose your target area, your intensity and your workout length. The DVD will choose which exercises and in what combinations the exercises will work best based on your needs. There are virtually limitless exercise combinations. Even if you choose to answer the questions the same way each time, you may not get the same workout twice because "One Minute Workout" has over 115 different one-minute exercises in its database that prevent exercise plateaus and boredom. There are also an additional 10 exercises (warm-up, cool down, stretching). Each unique circuit-training workout elevates heart rate while strengthening muscles. The program includes multiple warm-ups, cool-downs and 'Fast Track Workouts,' a great option on those days when you're crunched for time and want a quick, effective, total body workout. Special features include a 7-minute bonus stretch, tips and techniques for each trouble zone and how to get the most of this program. While you don't need weights, the producers suggest you get 2 sets of dumb bells - one light set, one heavy set.

Fitness experts Michelle and Phil Dozios of Breakthrough Fitness ( designed the exercise segments and sequences and consulted with DVD engineers to ensure the effectiveness of the workout mixes. Michelle is a former National and World Aerobic Champion, certified by A.C.E., Stott Pilates and Physical Mind Institute. The host of the DVD, Minna Lessig, is familiar to us a regular contributor on the CBS Early Show and is a fitness columnist for the Miami Herald. In 1997, she was Miss Fitness USA and has trained Olympic decathalon athlete Dan O'Brien and Seattle Mariner Alex Rodriguez.

As a mother of two small children (a two year-old and one year-old 13 months apart), Minna empathizes with the common excuse of busy moms - they simply don't have time to exercise - or so they think. Her new DVD, which she shot only 5 months after giving birth to her second daughter, makes it easy for any busy person to get their workouts in. Most people have an all-or-nothing mentality, that is, they believe they have to workout and sweat for an hour to get any benefits. When they don't have an hour to spend, they end up not exercising at all. This DVD allows you to break up your workout over the course of the day which new research says is just as good for you. Exercising at 5 minute bursts spread out over the course of the day that total 30 minutes a day is as beneficial for you as working out straight for those 30 minutes. "I've always held the attitude that every minute counts." says Lessig.

When she is not hosting fitness programs, Minna is busy at her personal training studio, Great Neck Personal Trainer, in Virginia Beach, VA where she trains adults and also offers 'Mommy and Me' programs. She starts the day by waking up before her children and husband and gets in a 40-minute workout using the One Minute Workout exercises she shot for the DVD and incorporating some yoga. "Then, I'm a full 100% mother for the day, often taking my children to yoga and gymnastics classes." Some mornings, Minna says, "It's not a perfect world," and she only gets a 15 minute workout in because her one daughter wakes up early and needs breakfast. Minna learns to balance exercise with her hectic schedule because it is an important part of her life. "I really, really do find ways to fit exercise into my lifestyle."

Minna tells women who don't have enough time, "It's all in your mindset. I don't enjoy waking up at 5 am in the morning, but I choose to do so, because health is so important to me and being a healthy role model for my family is. You can find the time. You would be surprised by how many minutes you rack up whether it's watching TV or reading the paper, you can skim time from places to exercise. Even ten minutes from your lunch break is quality exercise time."

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