Look Great at Any Age:

Statistics show that at age 20 a woman will have approximately 20% body fat, 30% at age 30, and so on. It is possible then, that by the time age 50 rolls around roughly half of a woman's body could be comprised of fat. But now, in the newest addition to his “Look Great” series, author, trainer and fitness expert Brad Schoenfeld shows women over 35 how they can beat these seemingly hopeless odds. LOOK GREAT AT ANY AGE: Defy Aging, Slim Down, and Optimize Health in Just 60 Minutes a Week (Prentice Hall Press Paperback; March 2003; $19.95) is the fitness manual for any woman who has noticed that as she ages her body is more prone to fat gain. Through years and years of personal training and private sessions with women facing this exact dilemma, Schoenfeld has created a sound program based on scientifically-based concepts of nutrition and exercise as well as the idea that with education comes lasting change. Schoenfeld finally debunks the dietary myths and gimmicks that have been failing Americans for years, and clearly explains how and why fat is stored in the body, the proper way to fight this and the crucial role of resistance training in the battle against fat gain.