Asian Beauty Ha Le Doan

Ha Le Doan is originally from Sai Gon, Vietnam and has been living in the US for 15 years. She is 37 but she looks 20. Ha Le Doan was crowned Ms. American Elegance Woman 2004 in Rosemont Illinois and is one of the only Vietnamese ladies to ever win a national pageant title in America. Her Asian beauty secrets include wisdom from her mother who has studied holistic, non-invasive, non-chemical healing methods. This includes tapping acupressure points and meridians to alleviate non-threatening conditions like allergies, headaches and colds. As a computer consultant working for a medical firm, she occasionally experiences computer eye strain. To alleviate her symptoms, she uses a pen-like instrument pressed against certain acupressure points on her face.

"My mother says the body is a machine and if you use it too much, too soon, eventually, it will wear out. That is why I don't get myself upset or too stressed out about things. It's the secret to looking 20 years younger. In America, we exaggerate too much about exercise. Of course exercise is good for the body, but if you overdo it, the body will wear out from even doing something good if it's in excess."

Ha knows her limits. She says that if she's tired or stressed, she does not push herself. Getting her rest is number one. "Also, you have to realize what is your strength and what your weakness is. Work on your weakness so you know yourself better."

Ha is one of seven brothers and sisters. She arrived in America in 1990 with her younger brother and now resides in the Northern suburbs of Illinois with her 11 year-old son, Kevin. She is fluent in many languages, Vietnamese, English, and Russian and completed two years from Vietnam University of Education before leaving for the US. In 1999, she obtained her Microcomputer Business Systems Degree with honors from the College of Office Technology. Ha does yoga on a regular basis which she says not only keeps her fit, but her body energized and her mind clear. Yoga asanas or poses help stretch constricted muscles, unblock constricted flow of chi, burn excess calories stored as fat and help release toxins - all things that are good for keeping your youthful appearance.

Ha also does yogic breathing. Before she gets out of bed in the morning, or when she is traveling on a long air flight, she will do deep breathing exercises which she says relaxes, re-energizes her and makes her ready to face any stress or challenge in her life. "You need to look like a million dollars after a 16 hour flight. I breathe from the bottom of my bones, literally!" She also eats a daily diet of traditional Vietnamese cuisine which is filled with only healthy carbs and high fiber vegetables and fruits with very little meat.

As a computer consultant in the medical field, Ha likes her work very much. "I feel very good about what I do because I am helping people - both the patients and the medical establishment to make people's lives better." She is also a hula dancer and ballroom dancer. She was a ballroom dancer since she's been a little girl with help from her father, a ballroom dance instructor. "The yoga and dancing keeps me flexible so I am good at hula dancing and I have a good time doing it. Whatever your passion in life, take it up and do it so you can feel good about yourself. Do what makes you happy and you will be happy. If you can't do it now, keep it in the back of your mind and make a promise to yourself you will do it again one day, even if it's for a little bit."

Ha says when she sets a goal for herself, she sometimes experiences negative set-backs like when she started modeling but reminds herself she can overcome the negativity in the world. "People asked me what I was doing taking up modeling when everyone is looking for tall, blonde, blue eyed models. I want to tell all women, especially Asian women: I won a major national US title as beauty queen. If I can do it, you can do it too! Tell yourself you are beautiful. When you feel good about yourself on the inside, that glow shows on your face on the outside and you become the most beautiful woman in the world."

Ha is extremely grateful to be living in America. "In my country and other countries in the world, there is not much opportunity. America is the land of opportunity where you have a chance to make your life anything you desire."

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