Magnetic Therapy: Good for Your Patients, Good for Your Practice by Bruce Spiegler

Magnetic Therapy is one of the most powerful and yet under-utilized tools of chiropractors, medical doctors and other health care practitioners. While it can help your patients heal faster - and grow your practice - many practitioners are either unaware of its uses, or else do not understand magnetic therapy enough to put it into practice. Some practitioners are worried about magnetic therapy's effectiveness and have concerns that it may compete with the other services they already provide.

At Therion Research, we want to educate health practitioners on how magnetic therapy can help their patients and how it can be integrated into their existing practice. It's important for practitioners to understand exactly how magnetic therapy reduces pain and speeds the healing process. All physical and mental functions are controlled by electromagnetic fields produced by the movement of ions within the body. When an injury occurs, positively charged ions move to the affected area, triggering pain and causing inflammation. In order for healing to take place, the electromagnetic fields at the injury site must be restored to their normal balance.

The application of a magnetic field to an injured area helps restore the electromagnetic fields to normal levels. The magnetic field relaxes capillary walls, as well as surrounding muscle and connective tissues, allowing for increased blood flow. More oxygen and nutrients are transferred to the injury site, while inflammatory-related toxins are removed. The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) states "Static magnets have been used for centuries in efforts to relieve pain. Numerous anecdotal reports have indicated that individuals have experienced significant, and at times dramatic, relief of pain after the application of static magnets over a painful area."

Varying results can be expected with any treatment and magnetic therapy had previously shown an unusually wide variation. Recently, Therion Research was the first to identify the root cause of this problem. During the course of our research, we found that a large majority of the magnets used in existing products were very small and weak. As a result, the magnetic field strength and effective penetration depth (how far the magnetic field can reach) were much too low. Since many injuries are located in tissue or bone several inches beneath the skin - these products were rendered effectively useless.

We were particularly intrigued by a number of results showing that pain seemed to increase in some people. The products used were found to have their magnets installed backwards so the polarity was reversed. As the north and south poles of a magnet have opposite effects on the body, when a magnet is installed in the wrong direction it can actually make the problem worse.

Therion is a direct manufacturer, producing a complete line of professional quality magnetic therapy products. We have developed products with the proper polarity and magnet strength. As part of our process, we figured out exactly how strong our magnets needed to be to achieve full magnetic field saturation. When our products were tested, they had an effectiveness rate approaching 90 percent. Patients tend to see results from magnetic therapy fairly quickly. In general, older people respond to therapy faster than younger people.

For acute injuries, most people start feeling better in a day or two. Some actually see results within hours or even minutes. With chronic pain related conditions, it could take several days or even a week or two before you start to feel better. Magnetic therapy should not be considered an alternative to traditional chiropractic care. Instead, it's intended to complement and enhance your overall treatment plan. We are aware of the fact that chiropractors are accustomed to using the treatment methods they have been trained for. Yet, we understand that most health care professionals are open to trying new products that can benefit their patients and help them live the life they deserve.

Magnetic therapy products can be prescribed by you as part of your regular patient visits - and used to improve healing and help your patients feel better between standard procedures. If you are unaware of how to use magnetic therapy products our experts can provide full training and education about magnetic therapy, so you can prescribe Therion Research products with confidence and pride.

With the serious side-effects and health risks of non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) like Vioxx and Celebrex recently being published, patients need a safe, effective alternative to relieve discomfort and feel better. Magnetic therapy is best option and is more important to your practice now then ever before. In addition, magnetic therapy products will end up boosting your reputation and help build referrals. When patients see their pain and inflammation decrease and they begin to heal faster, it is a natural instinct for them to tell their friends and family that you are the one responsible. Everybody wins.

Bruce P. Spiegler is the CEO of Therion Research Inc., located in Bay Shore, NY. He is a registered magnetic therapist, and has more than 30 years experience in manufacturing engineering, and product design and development. He has invented patented products and processes in the field of biomagnetics, and is a recognized industry expert in medical cushioning surfaces. For more information on Therion magnetic therapy products, call 631-231-3100 or visit their website at