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Welcome to my website.

In 1991, I founded New Living Magazine, a natural health & fitness publication. Currently, I'm the editor/publisher of this publication which has been continually publishing for over 15 years now.

Every month, I do my best to include topics I find self-empowering and enriching for body, mind and spirit. I usually test or try the things I write about so that a heart-felt sincerity comes across in what I am writing about.

Sometimes, journalists do a great disservice to who and what they are writing about. When I interview someone, I strive to capture the essence of the person in an inspirational way. When I write about a topic or experience, I would like my reader to come away from the article with a new insight, or be motivated enough to experience what I have experienced in otherwords, give a new way of living hence the essence of "New Living."

I have linked some of my more recent articles for you below. Enjoy!

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Christine Lynn Harvey