The 2006 INBF All Natural Revolution Reloaded Bodybuilding Show
April 8, 2006: Re-Inventing Natural Bodybuilding on Long Island

by Suzanne Colon
If you've ever been to a bodybuilding show before, then you certainly have an understanding or knowledge of what to expect when you get there. However, if you have not gone to a Sottile/Castro promoted bodybuilding show, then you haven't seen a "different" type of natural bodybuilding promoted event. When those who choose the natural path decide that they are going to choose the best, they choose THE INBF! And if the INBF is holding a show on Long Island, you can be assured it is run by two men who are re-inventing bodybuilding on Long Island the Natural way!

Phil Sottile and Dr. Durlan Castro birthed LONG ISLAND EXPERIENCE PRODUCTIONS back in 2003, a production company that now holds two bodybuilding shows per year: THE ALL NATURAL REVOLUTION in APRIL and THE LONG ISLAND EXPERIENCE in SEPTEMBER. The Long Island Experience was first held on September 13, 2003 at Adelphi University. While only a small showcase, containing 22 competitors, it was a show that set a strong recedent for a bright future, one in which Natural Bodybuilding was reborn on Long Island.

Sottile and Castro have very different ideas when it comes to utting on a bodybuilding show - Competitor first, competitor last. They know that without the competitors, you have no show. At times, bodybuilding promoters forget this. Sottile and Castro do not. Their shows are all about the competitors and their friends and family who come to support them. They present a DIFFERENT type of bodybuilding show; one that is not conventional and certainly not traditional. Not everyone is a 'bodybuilding fan.' These types of people are just coming out to support their favorite bodybuilder. So how many bodybuilders can one sit through? How does Sottile and Castro resolve this? Simple, they bring a brand of entertainment to each of their shows through live music, charity raffles, donations to worthy causes, knowing the competitors on a personal level, interactive audience involvement, and colorful emceeing.Natural Bodybuilding not only has a great, truly natural promotional team on Long Island, but the original promoters of theme based promotional efforts for a bodybuilding show; such as their recent "70's show," "9/11 show," and "60's rock and roll show."

Sottile and Castro continue to evolve and have enhanced their promotional team, adding a third key player to their All Natural Revolution promotional team - Dr. Jason Pape. In Pape they have found a well rounded, ambitious visionary to help them further their vision of creative and original Natural Bodybuilding shows on Long Island. Sottile and Castro's shows have had major appeal to competitors and have been positively reviewed by competitors and the press year after year:

"...with, Durlan Castro, Sottile set out to break the mold and run his own show- the likes of which had never been seen before....boasted a quality competitor turnout.....was well received by the enthusiastic fans in attendance" (Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness, May 2004) "...their initial success also raised the bar for future endeavors...expectations were high. 46 entrants took part in the 2nd annual Long Island Experience, more than twice the turnout of 2003! At this rate, the promoters will have to forget about Adelphi...and look for bigger, better venues." (Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness, August 2005)

"If you have ever attended a Sottile promoted natural bodybuilding event, then you know he strives to be creative and different." (Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness, November 2005)

"One of the most well run show I have ever done (fun)...just keep our ideas coming." -M.Ennis, Laurel, DE
"Show keeps getting better...can't wait till next year." -J. Campos, Lindenhurst, NY

"Consistently good. Keep up the great work." -T. Danvers Kew Gardens, NY

Not only have Sottile and Castro birthed many new champions on Long Island, they are personally responsible for bringing nearly 75 brand new Natural bodybuilders into the sport in only 3 years. They also have guided, coached, posed, prepped, and reviewed many bodybuilders prior to competing and have forged lasting relationships with many members of the INBF.

So when you're ready to walk the tough road and stay natural, remember the INBF. And when you are ready to compete at the most unique, fun, and "competitor-first" driven bodybuilding show, remember Sottile, Castro, and Pape's LONG ISLAND EXPERIENCE and ALL NATURAL REVOLUTION Bodybuilding competitions, the best that Natural Bodybuilding on Long Island has to offer.

Join us for this year's "Hollywood Experience" - The ALL NATURAL REVOLUTION - RELOADED on APRIL 8, 2006 at HOFSTRA UNIVERSITY. For more information contact Dr. Durlan Castro at (516) 541-6030 or (631) 462-0005 or Phil Sottile care of Intelligent Fitness at (631) 858-2900.

Nick Zubulacke, Men's Lightweight Masters Champ in photo

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