Matching Food Chemistry with Body Chemistry
by Eleonora De Lennart

The holiday season, with all its delicious temptations, is a keen reminder of the dilemma we face in regards to eating the foods we love. Yet, it’s possible to enjoy all foods without negative consequences, yes, even experience renewed health, if you understand the relationship between food chemistry and body chemistry. If you think of your body as a complex biochemical machine that evolved over the course of 200 million years, then you have an inkling of how slowly we as human beings change and adapt. Apply this knowledge to the foods we eat. Our ancestors faced none of the imbalances that we struggle with today because their diet was made up of “old history” foods. The development of the human digestion system revolved around these foods and today, they continue to be in perfect harmony with our body chemistry.
However, evolution also gave rise to methods of preparing food that changed the chemical make-up of much of what we eat. From the mere act of cooking to a gigantic, post World War II food industry, modern preparation methods have given birth to a host of sophisticated “new history” foods that have outpaced the development of our digestive system. Asking our bodies to process these processed foods without ill effect is asking the impossible.
Why? When we consume chemically incompatible foods it creates conflicts that result in a build up of toxic acids that act like poisons in the body. “Self-poisoning” is well documented and goes by many names, but all refer to the acidic end products of digestion and metabolism.
Your metabolism is well equipped to dispose of the acid it creates as a byproduct of its normal functioning. However, when your body also has to dispose of the acid created by eating foods that are chemically incompatible, then acid after acid builds up. It creates a surplus of poisonous chemicals that can’t be eliminated through the normal channels of excretion or incorporated into cell structures. Without a healthy environment, our cells and organs can’t function properly. Over time, the accumulation of this acidic environment overwhelms your body’s ability to cleanse itself leading to chronic fatigue, heartburn, body pains, an inability to maintain a healthy weight and, ultimately, life-threatening disease.
The protein in meat is a good example of food that works both with and against our body chemistry. Meat, which is healthy in its natural state, becomes an “extreme-bad” protein when exposed to high temperatures because the process destroys the cellular structure of amino acids. Cooking meat kills off the element of protein that contributes to a healthy body. Ironically, those who consume large amounts of cooked meat can actually suffer from chronic protein deficiency.
Does this mean we have to forego our holiday turkey? No, because, unlike your metabolism, you can control the amount of acid waste your digestion creates by choosing foods that work with – not against – body chemistry.
The A&B Method was developed to make such choices possible by adapting our “new” eating habits to our “old” body chemistry. Researched over the course of seven years with food chemists, nutritionists and medical professionals, it provides a revolutionary guide to the perfect match of food and body chemistry.
The A&B Method isn’t about deprivation, but rather how to neutralize the negative effects of acid-building foods too much holiday meats and refined treats with the positive effects of alkaline foods, like raw vegetables and healthy fats including olive oil, egg yolks, and yes, even butter.
Based on the condition of your health, you can even eat unhealthy food, provided you eat in such a way that empowers the body to efficiently rid itself of the toxins it produces. If you are already struggling with the effects of obesity, disease, or the natural metabolic slowdown that effects us all in our thirties and forties, then you should bolster your body chemistry by incorporating more foods with a high alkaline content.
Eating according to the A&B Method enables your body to naturally come into its ideal weight. Underweight people will gain weight, but those who are overweight drop pounds—because body chemistry is regulating itself. Eating with respect to body chemistry has also shown to prevent and even reverse the effect of diabetes, heart, kidney and liver diseases, arthritis, allergies and other illnesses. Healthy body chemistry even appears to slow down the aging process.
Eleonora De Lennart is author of “The BioChemical Machine; Empowering Your Body Chemistry” (Big Apple Vision Books, 2003, $19.95). She is a member of the Association of Journalists and a Member of the American Association of University Women. Please visit her website at