The Village Spa: LI's Best Theme Spa
by Christine Lynn Harvey

Treat special someone or yourself to a spa treatment at Long Island’s best theme spa around, The Village Spa in Roslyn. Here, you will be treated royally by owner Rick Joseph, a former CPA turned-host-extraordinaire. Think of the room service and amenities you find at a 5 star hotel, then add some spa treatments and you got the essence of the Village Spa in a nutshell.

Here, Joseph and the Village Spa staff has set up a spa experience that’s very intimate. “The idea is to make you feel really comfortable, like you are in your own home and not a spa,” he says. I wondered what the DVD’s, CDs featuring 80’s Rock bands, a computer, microwave, a refrigerator filled with Coke, a cell phone and a video monitor were doing in my spa treatment room. “Each person relaxes a different way. Some people like to listen to rock or watch a movie, others surf the internet,” he says. “I’ve tried to create a hotel experience where your every needs are taken care of. We all relax in individual ways; relaxation is different for every one.”

There are also treatment rooms that are reserved for special occasions, like a mother/daughter day of relaxation, bachelorette and birthday parties or anniversary celebrations. Joseph plans on creating a “wet room” where aquatherapy treatments will be offered. The quaint style of the Village Spa fits in well with the historic village of Roslyn. Joseph says he gets clients from all over: NJ and Westchester and as far east as Exit 63 on the LIE. “I want to get it right the first time and if it doesn’t work, I try again,” he says. The Village Spa accommodates any request no matter how big or small. “My spa is all about personalizing the personal touch.”

I experienced the Eurostone facial, a Eurostone massage and a milk and honey soft glow which I highly recommend. With the Eurostone facial, you receive a deep pore or anti-stress aromatherapy products made with the purest ingredients. Then comes a hot and cold small stone massage which is out of this world. A good friend of mine has been raving about this spa treatment which has been around for a while, but I never have seen it offered in the form of a facial. Really warm stones are applied to your skin and massaged in a circular motion. Then a chaser, or colder stone is applied which immediately stimulates blood flow to the skin, carrying away toxins and bringing nutrients which helps give the skin a healthy glow and reduces the effects of wrinkles and other signs of aging. Then, your shoulders and feet are massaged and crystal gemstones are applied to your Third Eye, Throat and Heart Chakras. The Eurostone Massage is an expanded version of the facial, but done all over your body which is incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating at the same time. You lay on a heated table while heated river stones are rubbed in long, slow strokes across your body which is followed by a warm towel application (cold chaser stones are not applied). Then I was pampered to a honey and milk salt glow with vanilla, a soothing exfoliation treatment with essential oil infused salts that leaves your skin soft and silky like baby’s skin. Each treatment lasts about an hour but can be expanded into a half or all-day affair.

The Village Spa offers themed spa affairs and revolves your whole experience around your personal tastes. If you are interested in having a romantic seafood dinner with your special someone and then a tandem massage afterwards, The Village Spa offers it and it’s this very concept that sets this spa apart from the others. Lunch, dinner and/or dessert is included based on your package. In between my treatments, I enjoyed a scone and tea. Not expecting to be fed lunch also, I was surprised when Joseph disappeared for a while and reappeared with a delicious grilled Caesar salad which he fetched from the local bistro for me. The Village Spa is definitely a unique and special experience that is suited to all tastes and preferences. For the more fitness conscious, or those on low carb or special diets, your needs can be accommodated as well. All you need to do is ask a CPA-turned-host-extraordinare!

For more info, visit the Village Spa at 17 Main Street, Historic Roslyn Village, (516) 621-7272;