Kettlebell Conditioning 4 Phase System
by Australia' Body Coach Paul Collins
The Swing Arc Range

The swing arc ranges of the kettlebell in any single or double swing motion in front of the body determines the concentric and eccentric transition loading points of the arm, shoulder, and back muscles, as well as the application of the counterbalance mechanism.

As a result, it is important to ensure that a good range of motion and muscle control is first achieved through light loading endurance swing patterns. This helps establish good body awareness, muscle control, strength and endurance, correct firing patterns and movement efficiency throughout the whole body.

Thus, whether using a single arm or both hands, be sure to establish a strong foundation over a 6-8 week period using lighter kettlebells and a gradual increase in swing arc range of motion 1 – 3 to establish and maintain control.

Avoid going higher than arc level 3 unless under the guidance of a certified strength and conditioning coach.The unique shape of the kettlebell challenges the whole body. With full-color photos demonstrating the various exercises, “Kettlebell Conditioning” by Paul Collins (2011; $16.95; helps steer you through essential foundational exercises prior to undertaking more complex power drills. Paul Collins is creator of The Body Coach® exercise products and educational programs.