In June 2000, the human genome project was completed. This event marked the one of the greatest revolutions in the history of health and medicine. Medicine had gone from its emphasis on pathology treatment of existing illness and disease to preventive medicine; determining a person's likelihood of contracting an illness or a disease, years before they occur. This is accomplished through the testing of DNA, RNA, urine, saliva, hair, skin and so on. 

     Science has not progressed to a point where we can test for every disease or illness; however, urine analysis can now determine if nutritional deficiencies exist. Today, vitamins and nutraceuticals can now be customized for the individual. Through a simple urine tests we can begin to provide sound vitamins and nutraceuticals based on each individuals needs and not just rely on our patients or clients to pick from a cadre of products off the shelves of our local grocery or health food/vitamin store.

     Optimal health requires the intake of proper foods to insure the body receives its necessary nutritional needs. Our fast paced life finds us consuming fast foods which do not provide for our proper nutritional needs. Even if we eat what we consider all the appropriate foods, we cannot be certain if they are properly processed, absorbed and digested.

     Each of us is unique. We all have our own specific biochemical makeup. Dr. Roger Williams has emphasized this concept in his book "Biochemical Individuality." He referred to our individual biochemistry as the "genotrophic concept" and indicates the necessity of testing to determine our individual biochemistry. Is it not incomprehensible that we diagnose our automobiles every 3,000 - 5,000 miles, yet, we fail to do the same for our bodies.

     THE TEST EXPLAINED: The 24-hour urine analysis reflects a patient's ability to maintain nutritional and metabolic homeostasis. The results of a 24-hour urinalysis reflect how the body handles dietary intake throughout an entire day and night, not available through a "spot" urine or blood analysis. The automated health history questionnaire (short or long form), and dietary nutritional supplements being recommended are based on 24-hour urinalysis and a detailed health history. The purpose of these recommendations is to assist in the evaluation of nutritional deficiencies and resulting body chemistry imbalances, and provide high quality dietary nutritional supplements that contain ingredients shown in current medical literature to support the body relative to  subnormal laboratory analysis findings and personal health history.

     The nutritional evaluation program is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any current disease. The nutritional evaluation program is only intended to assist in achieving nutritional sufficiency and normal biochemical status, and to also alleviate symptoms commonly associated with underlying nutritional deficiency and abnormal biochemical status. The goal of the nutritional evaluation program is to teach you how to maintain, support, enhance and protect your health, to easily provide information about proper nutrition, how to eat a healthy diet, how to live healthier lifestyles, how to exercise properly and how to identify and reduce numerous stress factors in your life.

     Prioritization of Nutritional 24-Hour Urine Analysis:

1. Empirical Data Form: Every client/patient's laboratory data will be tracked to show statistical improvement over time.

2. Health History Form: Severity and chronicity of symptoms will be tracked to show subjective improvement over time.

     Fully referenced therapeutic protocols and nutritional supplement ingredient rationales are posted on our website to validate these correlations.

     WHY CUSTOMIZED NUTRITION? Customized nutritional products are dramatically superior in many ways to any product you can purchase, whether over-the-counter (OTC), through specialty outlets, or direct from nutritional suppliers. In addition to vitamins and minerals, custom supplements include an extensive collection of antioxidants, amino acids, phytonutrients and certain protective and healthful herbals all carefully balanced to work together to meet your nutrient supplement needs. The actual amount for most of these ingredients is determined based on your scientifically tested, personal needs. Most OTC products, even when designated for men or women or seniors, are based on "average" needs. Since no one is average, often we ingest too much of what we don't need and too little of what we do. Custom supplement products are shipped directly to you. You do not have to "guesstimate" your needs by picking from cadre of products on the shelves of their local grocery or health food/vitamin store.

     People can purchase a multivitamin or other supplement at a low price, but, they cannot find customized products where the comprehensive nutritional components are matched to their personal test results. Remember, that nutritional supplementation should be considered part of a long-term health program, not a quick-fix panacea. You may or may not feel more energy at first. Some people feel a difference within 48 hours. For others, there is a more subtle change, which takes longer to recognize. Ultimately, most people feel increased energy, and an improved sense of well-being.

     ABC Health System provides customized vitamin, supplement and meal plans.  If you would like to learn more, order a 24-hour urine analysis kit, grow your practice or business, increase your income on a residual basis and offer yourself, your clients or your patients a quality clinical nutrition program, please contact us.

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