On the Cover: Mr. Romance Anthony Catanzaro by Christine Lynn Harvey

One of the most inspiring and congenial fitness stars in all the fitness world lives right here in New York. Anthony Catanzaro's star is rising fast and you'll be seeing him on TV more and more. He's got a healthy cooking show in the works for a national TV network and recently appeared with Paula Deen on Food Network's "Paula's Party." He's also rolled out a new healthy all-natural marinara sauce with his moniker on it now available in Stop and Shop and other stores. He's graced the covers of countless romance novels, fitness magazines, has appeared on numerous reality TV shows and was a runner-up in Redbook Magazine's Hottest Hubbie Contest (Sorry, all you single ladies, he's married!) in fact, he's been dubbed "Mr. Romance," by a reality TV show looking for the next Fabio, but this Bay Shore, LI native is just taking it all in stride and keeping his feet on the ground. Nothing goes to his head. As you talk to him for a few minutes, your spirit is lifted and you truly feel inspired. He combines mental fitness with physical fitness. "Positive thinking and positive energy go hand-in-hand," he says. Tony has been into fitness ever since he could remember.

     "Growing up in Bay Shore, we all lived in a small house. It was around my 15th birthday when I transformed one of the bedrooms in my house into a gym," he says. "I was so into WWF wrestling at that time, I used to love to watch Hulk Hogan pump up his persona on TV. I used to get crazy watching it! I think that was the spark that got me into fitness and bodybuilding. On my 15th Birthday, my sister Francine bought me a weight set. Then one week later around Christmas, I used my Christmas money to buy a bench to go with it. And the rest is history! I still remember playing "ROCKY" music and hearing my mother screaming at me because it was so loud! You see, the room I used for the gym was right next to the kitchen, and my mother was always in the kitchen cooking. I still listen to my "Rocky" CD today, and feel right at home playing it nice and loud!"

     Tony is a true believer in eating clean, all natural foods "the way God intended." I'm a big believer in the "Eat Clean to Get Lean" philosophy," he says. His slogan "Pure Power" has become a mantra and a way of life for him. "Pure Power means, all natural, all your positive energy that comes from inside. No drugs, no vitamins, no steroids, just all your pure strength from the inside. Your spirit, all your good power comes from God. You don't need weight loss pills or diets to lose weight. There are no fad diets. The best diet comes from all natural, wholesome food. It means using all your energy to move forward. Not using drugs, as drugs never solve anything. People go to the doctor and they're given high blood pressure medicine. The medicine lowers their blood pressure, but then causes side-effects which causes other problems. We should be looking for answers within with proper exercise and eating properly. If you have insomnia, instead of the doctor telling you to stretch, exercise, limit caffeine intake and practice meditation, he gives you a sleeping pill and that compounds the problem. That's how Heath Ledger died by unnecessary over-medication of anti-anxiety, pain-killing and mood-enhancing prescription drugs. If you want to stay alive, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Disease is only negative energy anyway. Positive destroys negative. Stay pure to yourself and pure to your heart."

     As a personal trainer, Tony spends a lot of time with what would be considered "hopeless" cases, people who are very unmotivated, or challenged in other ways. Other trainers would not work with this one client he ended up taking. This young man was very thin and it was obvious it was going to be a challenge to help him build muscle. But Tony stuck with him. "This kid has done a complete turn-around. He's only gained 5 lbs physically, but mentally, he's gained a 100 lbs." Tony has even helped people who were on the verge of suicide. Through his website, he helped one person overcome their depression and get inspired to join the human race again.

     "Motivation is key and sometimes it's challenging to help clients. But positive thinking and having the right thoughts are key," he says. "If you look at the negative and all the bad things that can happen, that, I believe is the devil at work. God only wants the very best for you and positive energy and thinking only comes from him. That's what I mean by Pure Energy. Allow God to work through you and you can overcome any health concern and live the very best life that life has to offer."

     Certainly inspirational from a man whose mantra just keeps going like the Energizer Bunny. Keep spreading the good energy around Tony! For more info, visit: www.anthonycatanzaro.com. Photos by John Mitchell www.bbpics.com