Stop Energy Leakages: Your Guide to Auric Fitness by Colleen Deatsman

Most people think the skin is our outermost boundary with the outside world. The fact is, our energy body extends to just beyond our outstretched arms, surrounding our entire physical body and consisting of layer upon layer of energy generated by the dynamos of our chakras and soul. Some people can visibly see this energy layer as an aura or a luminous egg that envelops us. Seen or not, our body's energy field is the first line of defense against certain energies that can interfere with our own, and the last barrier of containment for the personal energy we share with the world. Energy is like water and can be collected, retained and used when needed, but will drain out of a cracked or perforated vessel. Our energy boundary is the vessel we need to make and keep strong if we are to maintain energetic fitness. One doesn't have to think very long to realize how critical this is.    

     The first thing we need to do is observe where we are spending our energy as we move through our lives on a typical day. What are our stressors, our fears, our misguided expectations? What people and places demand our energy on a habitual basis? Do we find ourselves indulging in repetitive, disempowering thoughts and feelings? What are we obsessed with? Who and what wastes our energy with trivialities?

     As we identify where we are spending our energy, we can make adjustments and life choices that benefit us rather than drain us. For instance, rather than indulging in worry, focus on making sure you have done your best, whether this involves personal, work, or home issues and then release it. Dwelling on what can go wrong only adds to the problem. Remember: What we focus on, we give energy to.  What we give energy to, we give life to.

     We want to give life only to those things and potential outcomes that are beneficial. To stay in control of where our energy is going, we need to pay attention where we are focusing.

     Another area to watch is the people in our lives who demand our focus. These people include our family members who need love and attention, people in our community and the public world, and co-workers. In these groups, there are inevitably those who demand more than reasonable focus. The spouse who asks every single morning where their socks are is sneaking away with a little bit more of your energy than they should. The friend who calls you regularly to complain and cry on your shoulder is taking from you. The overbearing boss who is at times overcritical, condescending, or even insulting or harassing is stealing huge chunks of your energy. In all of these cases, and countless others, these people are "hooking" you to get some of your precious energy. The most demanding among them even establish energetic cords or pipelines that enable them access to your energy at any time. Most don't know they are doing it; it's just a bad habit. But for you, you are losing precious life force energy. Now, it's your job to cut them off.

     Now, we may choose to leave certain energy cords in place. This is perfectly normal. Young children for whom we are responsible may require our energetic connection. Few others should ever be linked to us energetically in this way.  A simple rule of thumb is if they are able to drive a car, they should be able to fend for themselves energetically.

     Another place we need to be particularly aware is if we begin to notice we are absorbing the feelings, problems, or pain of others. Again, this is a matter of awareness of what we are focusing on. The question we need to ask is: "Do I want to spend my life force energy on this?" People dump on each other all the time. Healthy emotional support and co-dependency are two vastly different things. Asking the above question will help clarify what to do in these instances.

     The following is an exercise to do first thing in the morning to set yourself up for a great energetic day: Take a deep breath, then exhale and relax, releasing any stresses or tensions that you may be feeling. Take in a few more deep, full breaths and focus your mind. Visualize and feel yourself surrounded by an impenetrable cobalt-blue egg, a shield of protective energy. The energy should appear in your mind's eye to be dynamically impenetrable covering your head and under your feet. See the egg cutting through any cords or attachments connected to you from outside your body. Your personal energy is contained within the cobalt-blue egg, so a potentially energy-draining or negative situation is unable to penetrate the barrier. See, sense and feel this shell all around you and allow yourself a few moments to be aware of everything that you are experiencing. Make a mental note about how your energy appears and feels so that you can easily manifest it whenever you need it.

     Colleen Deatsman is the author of two books: "Energy for Life: Connect with the Source" (Llewellyn; 2006; $19.95; and "Inner Power: Six Techniques for Increased  Energy and Self-Healing." She is a Masters Degreed Licensed Professional Counselor, Registered Social Worker, Usui Reiki Master, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Alternative Healing Consultant, Shamanic Practitioner and a dedicated healer empowering and guiding people toward dynamic health and self-actualization through individual sessions, local and national workshop trainings since 1981. Visit her at