Products & Books to Help Your Golf Game
by Christine Lynn Harvey

Fix the Yips Forever: The First and Only Guide You Need to Solve the Game's Worst Curse" by Hank Haney with Matthew Rudy (Gotham Books; 2006; $30.00) helps you overcome the dreaded yips, a psychological affliction that causes golfers to lose control of their game because of a split-second glitch. This could be the inability to make the putter move a few inches without it jerking and twisting in spasms. For many golfers, the yips become a source of embarrassment, even causing some to quit the game for good. In his new book, acclaimed golf instructor Hank Haney shares the discoveries he made during his personal, twenty-year struggle with the yips. Rather than a psychological affliction, the true root of the problem is focal dystonia, a motor-neural malfunction that causes a player's brain to distort the message being sent to the muscles. After studying the strokes of hundred of players from all levels of the game, Haney found that a quarter of the tested players had some kind of involuntary yip-like movement. Using these scientific discoveries, Haney devised his own regimen to "rewire" the brain and overcome the yips once and for all. Currently Tiger Wood's swing coach, Hank Haney has won every major teaching honor in golf and also serves as an analyst for ABC and ESPN. For more info, visit

The Golf Channel's "Academy A-Z" is a two-disk DVD (; $29.95) that brings you the very best golf tips for every aspect of your game on every subject of golf literally from A-Z (A-alignment, B-balance & ball position, C-chipping, D-divots etc). Designed to be a comprehensive introduction on how to improve your game in all these subject areas, the instructional DVD is perfect for weekend duffers or beginners intimidated by the thought of formal golf instruction. Topics ranging from "alignment" to "Zen" will aid individuals in addressing the ball, getting off the tee and on the green with greater ease. Golf Digest's teaching instructor Jim McLean is joined by other renowned gurus such as David Leadbetter, Mike Malaska and Dean Reinmuth to provide one-on-one instruction. Each lesson stresses fundamentals over style and is not a quick-fix band-aid lesson. At home, in the office or on a plane, the simplified instruction is great for busy people needing to maximize their time spent learning the game.

Teaching professionals and parents of junior golfers have been faced for many years with a major dilemma when purchasing equipment for their growing student or child: What's the correct equipment to give the 3 to 13 year-old who is growing 2 1/2 to 3 inches per year? It's impractical to keep repurchasing clubs season after season to accommodate the child's growth spurts. With Accu-Length, there's an all-in-one solution. High-quality stainless steel heads and filament-wound composite shafts allow users to add length onto the club in tandem with the child's growth. For every 2 1/2 to 3 inches of growth, an inch of shaft length, in the form of a spacer that locks into the shaft, can be added to the club. By using a maximum of four spacers, each club is designed for up to five seasons of use. Each club has a "lock" at the top of the shaft that guarantees that the grip will not rotate or unscrew during use. Accu-Length comes in four models, all for children of different heights. Each Starter Set includes a 17-degree fairway wood, 7 iron, pitching wedge, putter and golf bag. The 500 Series (purple) is designed for the youngest players, children 39 to 47 inches tall and is sized and perfectly weighted for the beginning golfer; The 1000 Series (yellow) is sized perfectly for golfers 45 inches to 55 inches tall who are just learning the game; The 2000 Series (red) is for golfers 51 to 59 inches tall and features a stiffer shaft with proper loft for maximum trajectory and loft; The 3000 Series (gray) is for golfers 55 to 62 inches tall. The 3000 is most similar to adult sets, but with more forgiveness for ease of use. Accu-Length products are made from highest-quality stainless steel for maximum durability. Compare this against the zinc alloy used by other junior golf club makers, which scars and damages easily. Simply put, Accu-Length clubs last longer. Each Accu-Length series comes with instructional CD that includes assembly instructions, sizing information, a junior golf lesson from Rudy Duran, Rudy's trivia and frequently asked questions. A sizing chart measures the child for a proper custom-fitting. There are also 12 one-inch spacers, a unique pouch to hold the spacers, two custom assembly tools and four locking screws.

The new Accu-Length junior golf glove is made from a combination of fine Cabretta leather and strategically-placed synthetics. Juniors immediately receive the benefits of Hydrolyte Digitized micro fiber synthetic that enhances grip strength by up to 40%. Microfiber spandex inserts at the knuckles and fingers customize the fit to the contours of the golfer's hand. Longevity is enhanced by reinforced Cabretta leather that's placed at key areas. Digitized palm material wraps around the index finger for added comfort when gripping the club. For more info on Acculength clubs or the junior glove, consumers can call 1-800-376-0716. To view retailers near you or to order online, visit Retailers can call 800-376-0716 or 866-589-4653.

"The Slam: Bobby Jones and the Price of Glory" by Curt Sampson, author of "Hogan" and "The Masters," offers a bio on one of America's most talented amateur golfers.  In 1930, Jones garnered more international attention and more major trophies in one season than any golfer before or ever since. "The Slam: Bobby Jones and the Price of Glory" (Rodale/Paperback Conversion; 2006; $15.95; is an intriguing and detailed look at the greatest season a golfer has ever had - when Bobby Jones became the first golfer to win all four major championships in one year. 2005 marked the 75th anniversary of Bobby Jones's remarkable 1930 season. In a splendid narrative, Curt Sampson, acknowledged as one of golf's best writers, captures the magic of Jones' feat and the high cost he paid to achieve it; Jones was mentally and physically exhausted throughout his grueling quest for glory. He couldn't eat or sleep, and morning drinking became his norm. Sampson presents a complete picture of Jones's life, from his Harvard education and regular newspaper column, "Bobby Jones Says," to his lucrative foray into golf instruction through motion pictures.  The focus, though, is on the four major tournaments that made up his greatest achievement: The British Amateur, The British Open, The US Open and The US Amateur. Equal parts compelling sports biography, social history and stirring human drama, The Slam dispels the myths and legends to present Jones as he was, a real man with sweat on his face and at least the average number of demons in his head who, for at least one year, conquered the world.

One of golf's most innovative training aids, The Golfer's Footprint(r) Swing Trainer, was re-launched recently with two major changes. The product has been resized to fit into a golf bag (24" x 8") and it has been simplified to help golfers understand how different factors create different ball flight paths. The Swing Trainer can immediately lower scores and improve confidence. The highly durable plastic product works in backyards or on driving ranges and is perfect for pre-game warm-ups. It assists golfers who want to learn how to shape straight shots, fades, draws and helps them better understand why they are slicing and hooking the ball. Different colored lines help golfers visualize out-to-in and in-to-out swing paths and a handy chart can be referred to when practicing to better understand all the nuances that the ball path can take (from clubhead position at impact, swing path and foot/ball position in the set-up). The Golfers Footprint(r) Swing Trainer retails for $32.50 and is available in left and right handed models. For more info, visit:


The Golf Channel's Academy "A-Z" instructional DVD helps you with every aspect of your game
Acculength clubs grow with your kids. Each set has 12 spacers that are designed to last 5 seasons
Accu-Length junior glove
Golfer's Footprint Swing Trainer helps you shape shots from draws and fades and helps you avoid hitting hooks and slices