Tracey Mallett: New You DVDs Help You Keep Your New Year Resolutions

Tracey Mallett was originally from England. She was trained in theater and dance and worked on a cruise ship as a dancer. There, she met her husband, an American who was also working on the ship. They married and Mallett eventually settled in LA so that her husband could get his degree in physical therapy at USC (University of Southern CA). As a dancer, she found Pilates important for strengthening and injury prevention and took regular classes. She was discovered by a fitness cable production company based in LA and became the host of a regular fitness program called "the Method" which was highly popular on the west coast.

     Hosting the show segued into the producer wanting her to produce her own instructional fitness DVDs. During that time, Mallett became pregnant twice about 20 months apart. "We had shot a DVD, but after my pregnancy, I suffered with the baby blues," she says. She had gained over 50 lbs and was feeling very self-conscious seeing that she was a fitness celebrity. Eventually, she broke out of the downward mental spiral and used ideas she had for two new DVDs as an impetus to get going again. Previously, while she was pregnant, Mallett created a fitness pregnancy DVD to help women who were in the same boat as she was. "Tracey Mallett's 3 in 1 Pregancy System" (Razor; 2006; $19.99) offers exercises for women in their 2nd and 3rd trimester. Many of her fitness DVDs have earned industry accolades.

     Mallett's two new DVDs will sure keep you on your New Year's Resolution. TRACEY MALLET'S RENEW YOU: Sleek & Lean and TRACEY MALLET'S RENEW YOU: Cardio Fusion uniquely blend Pilates, yoga, ballet, dance and body sculpting moves. Recently released in November 2006 ($14.99 each, 60 minutes each) the DVDs are available from www.razorfitness,com  and wherever fitness videos are sold.

Mallett designed these workouts with the ultra-busy person in mind. "Even 15 minutes a day can make a difference," she says. "People don't have to belong to a gym or workout an hour or more a day to stay fit." The DVDs are chaptered as short segments or complete fitness regimens. The workouts promise to increase flexibility and strength while boosting energy levels. Modifications are offered throughout for beginners.

"TRACEY MALLET'S RENEW YOU: Sleek & Lean" begins with fluid stretches done in a chair followed by ab toning moves that one can even do at a desk in private. From there, a chair is used for support, like a ballet barre, for the ballet stretches. Chapter options allow choosing: Revitalizing Yoga Warm-up, Ballet Bar, Power Yoga, Abs & Buns or Upper Body Sculpt. Bonus Features include: Essential Form Ab Work, Super Body Boot Camp trailer, and, a tour of Casa Cody, where the videos were filmed in high definition.

"TRACEY MALLET'S RENEW YOU: Cardio Fusion" seamlessly weaves moves from the various disciplines (cardio and yoga) into one original program that feels good from start to finish. It offers four segments that comprise the entire workout: Sun Salutations for the warm-up, Core Cardio, Upper Body Sculpting and Total Body Toning. Hand weights may also be used. Bonus features are the same as in Sleek & Lean: Essential Form Ab Work, Super Body Boot Camp trailer and a tour of Casa Cody.

Tracey Mallett teaches classes at her studio, ATP Specific Training and Physical Therapy, in Pasadena, California and has been a prominent participant in the field of health and fitness for more than 15 years. She is a Master Pilates instructor, a BASI Pilates expert and is ACE and AFAA certified. Tracey has appeared as host of the popular Method Show and starred in several Method home videos. Mallett has previously released her 3 IN 1 PREGNANCY SYSTEM and two SUPERBODY BOOT CAMP DVDs in 2006 through Razor Fitness. Her distinctive, enthusiastic, teaching style, aptitude and motivational skills have earned her a stellar reputation among her peers and students. For more information on Tracey, go to To purchase the DVDs, go to Photos courtesy of copyright 2006