Beyond New Year's Resolutions: These Tips will Keep You on Track by Tony Catanzaro

     Well, here we are and another year has flown by and your ready to start your new years resolution to get in shape (again). If your ready to stick to that resolution, but worry you may quit after only a few weeks because you're not in shape, don't stress because what you're about to read will make this resolution a reality in getting into shape.

     First off, understand that how much you weigh may not be as important as how you look. Most people are just concerned with losing weight. I want to lose 10, 20, or 30 lbs this year! Sound familiar? Well, there's your problem. Right off the bat, you're focusing on how much you weigh so now the battle between you and the scale has begun. My advice is to throw the scale in the garage or some place where you're not going to dig it out and use it. Also, don't use the scales in the gym.

     Stop focusing on how much you weigh and start focusing on positive thoughts of feeling lighter and lighter everyday. How your body is becoming leaner and leaner as the days go by. You see, anything and everything starts in the mind. Your mind is an incredible tool. The people we surround ourselves with and the choices we make are all crucial in how we feel about ourselves.

     Have you ever gone to a party and saw someone in shape and said "I wish I looked like him or her"? Why don't you try saying that's how I'm going to look! Getting the body you always wanted starts with your thoughts; it's not just diet and exercise alone. You must first envision yourself looking the way you want to look. Then constantly begin to think about that, get it into your thoughts throughout the day. Seeing yourself in the best shape of your life is the first step in getting there.

     Now enough of the mental stuff - lets talk diet! Diet shouldn't mean restriction of food and the things we enjoy. Diet should mean "healthy diet" I have an old saying "Eat clean to be lean" I have been saying this for years so what does this mean? Eating clean means eating foods that are free of saturated oils, butter, bread crumbs, salty seasonings, growth hormones, canned foods, packaged foods, etc.

     You see, it's very important for you to understand that preservatives and food additives are toxins that interfere with enzymes that are involved in metabolism. Your diet must also be balanced. That doesn't mean carbohydrates once a day and maybe some protein before bed. When you look at your meal, it should consist of three things: one source of quality protein like fish, chicken or lean beef. The second item should be a low glycemic carbohydrate like yams, brown rice or beans. The third thing should be some kind of fiber-rich vegetable like spinach, broccoli or peppers. All of these items should be prepared without oils, butters and salty seasonings. Now that's eating clean to be lean. I create customized diets for people all over the world. I would be more than happy to create one for you! Just visit my website at and click on "diet plans."

     Now, let's talk training, weights or cardio? This is a very good question and the answer is you need both! Here's why, cardio and weight training are two different forms of exercise. Weight training is for toning and shaping and building muscles. Cardio is for fat loss, circulation and overall sense of good health and well-being. When both are done together, I consider it a wonderful marriage but many of you may not realize how it should be done: what order, how long, etc. If you have access to both or you go to a gym here's the best way to get the job done right.

     When you walk in, first warm up by stretching for a few minutes. Try to feel a sense of strength and power coming over you. When you're done, hop on the treadmill or efx machine for a slow 10 min warm-up. When you're done with that, go right to weight training. You don't want to do everything in one day, so try to separate your workouts into 3 or 4 workout days. For women, you may want to do upper body one day and lower body the next. Take off a day and repeat this cycle again.

     For guys, you may want to train 2 or 3 body parts a day depending upon what your goal is. I also offer personal training at affordable rates. Please email me with any questions you may have. Let's make this new years resolution a reality for many years to come.

     Please email me with any questions you may have at Let's make this new years resolution a reality for many years to come. Good health and God bless!