The Secret of Having Everything You Want by Guy Finley

  Everyone wonders whether or not there's one great secret for truly successful living. There is. And it's not a secret. It has been quietly, steadily presenting itself to us all along. We just couldn't hear it over the clatter and chatter of our own wants, fears and desires. Listen quietly for a moment. Everything can change right now.

     Learning to tune into this supreme secret is no more difficult than choosing whether to swim against a current or to let it carry you safely to the shore. Let it speak its wisdom to that part of you that can not only hear what it is saying but that is, in reality, its very voice. Listen to it now. It's saying, "Want What Life Wants." Locked within these four simple words is the secret of an uncompromising power for effortless living; a new kind of power that never fails to place you on the winning side of any situation. Why? Because when you want what Life wants, your wish is for Life itself. The following paragraphs will not only make these life-healing ideas more personal for you, but they will help you to help yourself make a higher choice when it comes to what you really want from life:

     When you "want what you want when you want it," you're often nervous and anxious because life may not cooperate with your plans. But when you want what Life wants you are never disappointed with what happens.

     You're willing to sacrifice whatever it takes to get what you want, and this may include your integrity. But wanting what Life wants means you are always in the right place at the right time. When you're guided by your wants, you are usually scheming in some way to win your next victory. But when guided by Life's wants, you are quietly confident no matter what the circumstances.

     Your wants always keep you in a battle or recovering from one. But when you want what Life wants you are out of the reach of anger and anxiety. When driven by your wants, you are unable to rest quietly when you need to. But cooperation with Life's wants keeps you awake and sensitive to your surroundings.

     Your wants leave you easily angered when someone or something gets in your way. But being in tune with Life's wants frees you of ever feeling as though you've missed out. With your wants, you're forever driven to want something else, but with Life's wants, you're never thrown for a loss.

     Your wants turn you against anyone else who also wants what you want. But when you want what Life wants, you're in total command of events. When you strive to fulfill your wants, you're certain that what you have is who you are. But when you want what Life wants, you're mentally quiet.

     Finally, when you want what you want, you are always trying to convince yourself that you got what you want. But when you want what Life wants, you are eternally grateful for whatever Life has given you.

     Always remember the following - If any want is the source of anxiety or sorrow, that want is yours and not Life's. Never accept the presence of any mental or emotional suffering as necessary, no matter how much you, others, or society as a whole, have contrived to make you want something. You may ask, "But what will happen to me if I give up my wants? Won't I lose control of my life?"

     You cannot lose control of something you never had control over in the first place. No human being controls life his, hers, or anyone else's. If it weren't for higher energies breathing life into your body, you wouldn't be holding this magazine in your hands or reading its words right now. If you want to measure the level of an individual's stress, measure his insistence on the way life conforms to his wants. The only thing you will lose by learning to want what life wants is your fear of not being in control, which was never real control in the first place.

     Here is the most important point of all. When you want what you want, especially when you want it, you are going against the grain of life, what life wants. That's the real secret. Let Life bring you itself. Welcome it. Be open and flexible to all the twists and turns it presents to you. When you go with the flow and are in tandem with what life wants, then, your stress and disappointment and expectations disappear leaving you with a deep sense of peace and serenity and the strength to get through anything.

     Excerpted from "The Secret of Letting Go" by Guy Finley, (2007 revised edition, Llewellyn Publications; 1-800-THE-MOON; Guy Finley is the best-selling author of more than 35 books and audio albums on self-realization. He's the founder and director of Life of Learning Foundation, a nonprofit center for self-study located in Southern Oregon where he gives talks four times each week. For more information, visit and sign up to receive a free helpful newsletter emailed to your desktop once each week.