What is the Hormone Revolution Weight Loss
by Karlis Ullis, MD and Joshua Schackman, Ph.D.

The most powerful fat-burning substances known to man are safe, legal and surprise naturally occurring in your own body! Testosterone, growth hormone, insulin, and many other natural hormones are the key to long term effective weight and fat loss. Have you ever wondered why people slowly get fatter as they get older? Or that men have an easier time losing weight than women? The reason why is very simple it’s your hormones. As we get older, our levels of fat-burning hormones slowly decline, thus a slow weight gain with age. Women have a biological disadvantage when it comes to weight loss, as they naturally produce lower levels of key fat-burning hormones for purposes of child bearing. The Hormone Revolution Weight Loss Plan teaches people how to maintain higher levels of fat burning hormones as they age, and also trains women how to overcome their hormonal disadvantage.

The importance of regulating your sex hormones such as estrogen and testosterone is a major emphasis of this book. Most people are familiar with the role of these hormones in promoting male and female characteristics, and their role in sex and reproduction. However, until now the role of these important hormones in weight loss has largely been ignored. Testosterone is a powerful fat-burning hormone, whereas estrogen is a potent fat storage hormone.You might have noticed how women tend to pack on the pounds after going on birth control pills or various estrogen replacement pills. You might have also noticed how testosterone-laden teenage boys can eat enormous amounts of food without gaining a pound. Any sensible fat-loss plan must take into consideration of testosterone and estrogen, otherwise it will be doomed to failure.

Another important hormonal system emphasized in this book is the insulin system. Many low carbohydrate diets such as the Atkins Diet or the Zone Diet dramatically oversimplify the role of insulin in fat loss. Yes, insulin is a hormone that can lead to fat storage when excessive amounts of carbohydrates are eaten. But carbohydrates and insulin are by no means evil and if the right diet and exercise steps are followed, you can harness your insulin system to help you burn fat while preserving muscle. Restricting carbohydrates too much is counterproductive in the long run, leads to loss of muscle mass, lowers your metabolism, causes fatigue and can promote muscle injury.

The first step to harnessing your fat-burning hormones has nothing to do with your eating habits. In fact, under this plan you are instructed to keep your diet exactly the same for the first two weeks. The way to jump start your fat-burning hormones is by simply picking up some weights and doing some simple weight training exercises. Weight training when done correctly can lead to a cascade of powerful fat-burning effects not seen with aerobics including large boosts in testosterone and growth hormone. Aerobics can actually lead to decreased fat-burning hormones, a reason why many people do hours and hours of aerobics without making a dent in their waistlines.Weight training only needs to be done 20-30 minutes per day, three or four days a week for maximum effect.But not all weight training exercises are created equally and the Hormone Revolution plan goes over some of the exercises scientifically proven to be the most effective for burning fat.

Weight training also has another huge advantage over aerobics; it makes it possible for you to eat carbohydrates without the fattening effects of insulin! Weight training has powerful effects on your insulin system and helps dramatically reduce the fattening effects of insulin. After a weight training session, you have a “magic window” of roughly one hour where you can eat a moderate amount of sugary and starchy foods without fattening effects. You can have your cake and eat it too, as long as you eat it right after lifting weights!

Eating starchy carbohydrates right after working out is just one of many fat burning tricks presented with the Hormone Revolution Weight Loss Plan. Did you know that exercising earlier in the day can lead to greater fat loss? Or that carbohydrates are less fattening in the morning than in the evening? Or that fat from fish or olives will actually help you burn fat whereas as fat from beef or butter will lead to fat storage? Effectively harnessing your fat-burning hormones means not only keeping track of the types of foods and exercises you do, but also the timing. If other weight loss plans have failed you, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying the Hormone Revolution Weight Loss Plan.

Karlis Ullis, M.D., is a sports medicine specialist and a faculty member of the UCLA School of Medicine. His current book is “The Hormone Revolution Weight-Loss Plan” (Avery; 2003; $13.95; www.penguin.com). Dr. Ullis can be reached at kullis@hormonerevolution.com or at 1807 Wilshire Blvd., #205, Santa Monica CA 90403, (310) 829-1990. For more info, visit: www.hormonerevolution.com. Joshua Shackman, Ph.D. is an assistant professor of management and health sciences at Touro University International.