VisiaTM Skin Complexion Analysis Helps Save Skin from Rapid Aging
by Christine Lynn Harvey

Once you reach a certain age, you start noticing fine lines, age spots and other damage to your skin. You begin to worry that your skin can’t ever return to its youthful, dewy appearance. So you rush out and buy over-the counter anti-aging creams and home treatments that severely damage your skin and also make it more susceptible to rapid aging than you realize. There are also many reputable and effective cosmetic and surgical procedures on the market today that are touted as taking years off your face as well as nutriceuticals that are designed to turn back the hands of time. But how do you know which ones are really best for you? You don’t unless you get a state-of-the-art “check-up” of your skin.

There is only one diagnostic procedure that can really tell you how fast your skin is destined to age, what you can do to turn back the hands of time and how you can save your skin from aging faster than it has to. It’s a remarkable procedure called a VISIATM Complexion Analysis and it’s only available on Long Island at Visage Skincare Spa & Cosmetic Laser Center in Farmingville, NY. Michelle Lee Naekel, director of Visage Skincare Spa & Cosmetic Laser Center, says clients come from all over Long Island to get this diagnostic report of their skin done. High quality digital images are taken of the various layers of your skin which is then analyzed by the computer to measure skin conditions, wrinkles, evenness, spots, texture, pores and pigmentation as compared to the general population. Your skin is compared in the following categories: spots, pores, porphyrins (bacteria beneath the skin that causes redness and thereby uneven tone to the skin); wrinkles, evenness and UV spots.

A VISIATM Complexion Analysis provides you with an invaluable guide for optimal rejuvenation of your skin. The UV modes shows subsurface skin conditions, including sun damage that will give you a picture of what your skin will look like ten years from now if you don’t start taking preventive and restorative measures to reverse damage now. Exposure to UV radiation caused by tanning salons and sun bathing is the most damaging to the skin causing immense free-radical damage to the skin’s cells.“This is the damage that we’ve done to our skin years ago, in our early twenties when we were sunning ourselves at the beach,” says Naekel. “We complete a VISIATM analysis now and compare it several weeks down the road to show how the treatments we have designed are improving your skin. We can measure improvements in your skin and adjust the treatments as we go. This is a joint venture between us, the skincare professional, and you, to help you reach your skincare goals,” she says. “I help people to exude self-confidence.

Indeed, in a period of just ten days after two treatments----one photo rejuvenation and a microdermabrasion treatment and using the nutriceutical home care products Visage Skincare Spa gave me, I found my complexion to be healthy and glowing. People I know complimented me immediately on the fresh brightness of my skin. I noticed it was more soft and the fine lines around my eyes diminished. Naekel explains that when the skin is subjected to photo rejuvenation and microdermabrasion, the brain sends a signal to the skin to produce more collagen which naturally plumps up the skin, giving it a more youthful appearance.

The photo rejuvenation treatment is done with a laser light pulse that penetrates and stimulates the lower layers of the skin; microdermabrasion is performed with a small tube that shoots microfine crystals onto the surface of your skin and vacumns them up immediately. This removes the dead layer of dermis laying on the top layer of skin so the under layer of skin is stimulated to rejuvenate itself and to also allow the home care products the spa prescribes to work more efficiently.

With VISIATM’s precise imaging of all areas affecting your complexion, your skincare professional can develop the optimal rejuvenation plan. Reducing age spots and wrinkles from sun damage and smoothing scars and reducing hyperpigmentation caused by acne damage is usually accomplished by using a combination of photo rejuvenation and microdermabrasion treatments.The VISIATM analysis is normally $75 by itself, but if you become a client of Visage Skin Spa, it is complimentary.

Naekel also says it’s also important to follow a natural preventive skin care regime like: reducing your stress levels; daily exercise; getting enough rejuvenative sleep; drinking lots of water in order to hydrate your skin, flush toxins away and carry important nutrients to the cells; eating more fresh organic fruits and vegetables; supplementing with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals and wearing a sunscreen of 15 SPF every day rain or shine (since UV rays are always bombarding the skin regardless of the weather). Naekel is close to finishing her studies as a Naturopathic Doctor and will be implementing more of these holistic and preventive health practices into her spa treatment services in the future.

For more info on a VISIATM Complexion Analysis or any other treatments or products mentioned in this article, please contact Visage Skincare Spa & Cosmetic Laser Center, 1025 Portion Road, Farmingville, NY 11738 (631) 736-7336.