Quantum Medicine: Rejuvenating Your Body
by Dr. Paul Yanick

What if there were a way your body was able to repair a damaged organ or renew and regenerate itself at an accelerated rate? What if you could regain peak mental and physical performance despite having felt sick and tired for years? Today, there are many scientists who believe the secrets of regeneration and healing lie not within costly drugs or expensive medical treatments, but in the body's quantum energy field (QEF).

Now, it really appears possible for us to turn on powerful biological cascades of energy that will speed up renewal and regeneration in our bodies. Practitioners of Quantum Medicine use the QEF as a way to define and eliminate stressors that deactivate the body's own potent medicines for healing, endurance, vitality and longevity.

Modern medical treatments frequently, in effect, underestimate the body's magnificent intelligence and block its capabilities for self-healing and repair. However, a growing number of frontier scientists, some of them Nobel Laureates, have been assiduously mapping QEF patterns involved with healing and regeneration. In the past decade, this work has progressed to a point where real solutions are available.

These are safe, proven and time tested natural therapies that can evoke innate healing, even for the most stubborn cases of a wide spectrum of ailments. These healing breakthroughs involve the use of specially-designed supplements, called Quantum Foods that unleash the awesome healing power of your entire body, allowing it to function the way it was designed to function, so it can heal itself naturally.

But to accomplish such feats, you will have to work in harmony with your body's anatomy, not against it. You'll need to learn how to nourish it and how to prevent stress factors from overwhelming it or exhausting its healing energies. You'll need to learn how to empower it to keep you in a state of vibrant health.

But experiencing the full power of your own healing energies is a matter of your choices and actions, especially in the way you choose your nourishment. Quantum foods contain Mother Nature's most potent herbal food combinations formulated to keep the body's QEF healthy, all systems in sync, with vitality and energy to spare, without risks or side-effects.

These supplements offer far-reaching effects that go way beyond ordinary vitamins. And, they are especially useful to people who want extra insurance against a problem for which they have a greater-than-average risk, a family history, perhaps, or exposure to environmental toxins.

Nobel Prize laureate Albert Szent-Györgyi once said, "We live by a small trickle of electricity from the sun." The miracle of photosynthesis transforms the sun's light energies into green plants, trees, grasses and medicinal herbs. True nourishment must accomplish two tasks: 1. It must allow assimilation of the full spectrum of this light energy throughout the body to compensate for QEF losses caused by environmental and life stress, and 2. It must couple this light energy with living nutrients that are rapidly absorbed and assimilated into the cells of our bodies.

More than 97 percent of today's nutritional supplements are void of this light energy and contain mostly synthetic (man-made) nutrition as well as stress inducing toxins, instead of living food nourishment! These supplements stimulate chemical energy and deplete quantum energy. Here's the real danger: When we stimulate our bodies through improper foods, supplements, and drugs, we deplete nutrients and electrons needed to protect us from the chaotic and unhealthy conditions of our modern world, and we suppress our QEF.

An example of this would be eating processed white sugar as opposed to obtaining sugar in a natural form, such as from fruit or honey. The fruit or honey would contain additional nutrients, by which the body can metabolize the sugar content. But the processed sugar lacks these additional nutrients, so the body must "borrow" those nutrients from its own storage sites causing serious deficiencies elsewhere in the body.

When you harness the miraculous healing powers of your body's own QEF, you boost your immune system so it can fight infections with more vigor and strength and activate inner healing. Each of our cells vibrates with energy because of crystal-like structures that resonate to different light energies or frequencies of biophotons. The nutrients in quantum foods are absorbed deeply into each cell where they quickly energize the cell's functions with healthy resonant frequencies, enhancing the bioavailability of nutrients, accelerating enzyme functions and driving the regenerative functions in the body.

To learn more about Quantum Medicine or quantum foods, visit: www.quantumenergy.com. The author's new book "Quantum Medicine" is available in bookstores, Internet bookstores and from the publisher, Basic Health Publications by calling 1-800-575-8890.