The Sweet Sound of Success: Raising Your Psychic Vibration by Sonia Choquette

Early on in my apprenticeship for living a higher way, I learned a powerful, important and life-changing truth from my teachers: Words are dynamic energies that, once expressed, release a tremendous force to attract and create the very conditions and circumstances they convey. Words are living powers that vibrate to a particular tone and intention and they are the bricks and mortar of your life.

The quality and intention of your words defines the quality and intentions of your experience. This is so because each of us is a Divine Being, a co-creator with the Universe. Whether you believe it or not, your words are your magic wand, and nothing you say is ever lost or wasted. Each word you utter has nuclear force and, as far as the Universe is concerned, what you say is law. The Universe does not differentiate between what you mean and what you say, nor between truth and lies. Everything you say is understood as truth and the Universe works tirelessly to make it so.

Have you ever called in sick only to become so later that same day? Or have you ever told a white lie that came back to haunt you? I know I have. Once, as a young flight attendant, I called in sick to spend three days in Paris with my new boyfriend. Shortly after arriving, I got an eye infection, then I twisted my ankle. Then I had my purse stolen. The last thing I said to my boyfriend was that I shouldn't get paid for the time off because I didn't deserve it. As it so happened, I had exactly the cash equivalent of three days' pay in my wallet when it vanished. Apparently, the Universe had taken me seriously!

Ever watchful of words, I am shocked and saddened by the frequency in which I hear the words, "I hate." Tossed about carelessly like loaded grenades, I fear their lethal fallout for people. A childhood girlfriend of mine was particularly invested in the words "I hate," allowing them to dominate nearly every conversation we had. "I hate my hair. I hate my teeth . . . my waistline . . . my freckles . . . my thighs . . . my feet . . . my life!" she jokingly complained all the time, in spite of my insistent pleas that she stop. Two years ago her husband called to tell me that she had been recently diagnosed with a rare form of blood cancer. Six short weeks later, she died. I was saddened, but not surprised as such toxic expression over so many years could not have helped her body be healthy and well.

I have also witnessed the miraculous healing power of positive words, especially words of love. Simply speaking about what you love elevates the vibration and tone of your life considerably. My client Nan, a legal secretary, spent most of her days in what she called a toxic dump of negative conversation at her office. Everyone she worked with seemed dark, bitter, and cynical. They complained and cursed and criticized everything, including their jobs, the clients, and worst of all, each other. The worst part, she said, was that she joined in, not wanting to feel left out. Yet this activity was leaving her feeling sick.

I suggested that as a counter-attack, she speak only of what she loved while at work, no matter how the conversation was focused around her. Rather than look for a new job, she gave it a try. Ignoring the blues around her, she contributing to the conversations by sharing how much she loved a good cup of coffee, a fresh, hot French baguette and the smell of rain in the air. She expressed her love of good stationery, being the only one in line at the post office at lunchtime and getting randomly upgraded on an oversold flight to first class.

At first Nan caught strange looks, but eventually her practice caught on. Her co-workers, enthused by her delights, began to share their own. Their conversations took on a good-natured one-upmanship, as each tried to outdo the others on what to love, and the tone at the office shifted completely. No longer dreading work, the employees' days flew by, and they were often filled with laughter, even silliness.

Nan left the office each day feeling energized and fulfilled. The work was the same, but the vibration was tremendously improved. Nan shocked herself one day when she and her co-workers were outdoing each other in expressing what they love, and she spontaneously blurted out, "I love my job!" What's more, she meant it. Now that’s a miracle. Beautiful, harmonious, careful and thoughtful words create beautiful and harmonious results; vulgar, angry, loveless words create ugly and angry results. The Bible is telling us something important when it says, "In the beginning was the word." It's true! So begin to create the life you really want with words that serve you well.

Sonia Choquette is author of the new book, “Trust Your Vibes” (2004; Hay House;; 1-800-654-5126). She is also author of “Diary of a Psychic.” For more info, visit her website at: