Healing Summertime Allergies Naturally by Steven Silverman, DC

Summer is upon us and the plants, flowers and vegetation are in full bloom. It's a wonderful time of the year except of course if you're not a seasonal allergy sufferer. When an antigen or foreign substance enters the body, the body produces antibodies in direct response to this invader. These antibodies (referred to as immunoglobulin E or (IgE) are perfect fits and combine with the antigen like a glove would fit a hand. This combination then impacts on a certain type of white blood cell called mast cells. Mast cells are predominately found in the nose, skin, lungs, and digestive tract. This antigen-antibody reaction creates a release of a substance from the mast cells called histamine. The nose, eyes and breathing passages have receptors on them specific for histamine and when it arrives the itching, sneezing, swelling etc. begin. Another substance released from the mast cells, which potentially could make you as miserable as the histamine release is a substance called kinins. The kinins create production of other substances (prostaglandins, leukotrienes, bradydinins) that also create the allergic reaction.

Most sufferers will take over the counter medications due to the severe discomfort allergies can create. Unfortunately, most medications have side effects such as fatigue or heart rhythm disturbances. Some of the over the counter medications can have serious side effects if combined with other medications.

Having been in practice for 25 years as a natural and alternative health care provider, I have been exposed to many various forms of treatment for allergies. There are several nutritional approaches to allergies, some being quite effective. However, the most efficient way to alleviate, treat, or eliminate allergies that I have ever seen is through bioenergetic techniques. This therapy generally does not necessitate the use of nutritional supplements and when successful, brings extremely rapid relief to the allergy sufferer. I have spent many years engrossed in this exploration and have studied with the developer and creator of the system "BioSet," which works on an energetic level, both diagnostically and therapeutically. BioSet represents the true depiction of human beings as energetic beings which respond physically, emotionally and energetically.

The BioSet method perceives the body as an organism through which electromagnetic energy flows along invisible pathways called meridians or channels. These are the same pathways that Qi (life-energy) flow through in Chinese Medicine.When either allergens, toxins, or toxic metabolites from poor digestion come in contact with the body, a blockage occurs in the energy field of the person. This blockage, for example in specific reference to allergies, sets off a chain reaction in the body. First, the brain makes a concerted effort to protect the body from a substance it perceives as harmful by identifying the allergen and alerting the immune system. The immune system responds by sending out antibodies to block the antigen from damaging the system.

Bioenergetic testing involves muscle testing to determine the substance the individual is allergic to. Through kinesiology testing, a strong muscle will immediately weaken upon holding or touching the allergic substance. Once found, the allergic substance is held while the spine is stimulated at various points and acupressure points are stimulated. The results can frequently be seen within 24 hours.This therapy was brought to my attention by a former patient who had been living in Pennsylvania for several years. He was highly allergic to grass and had a treatment as described above. His results were immediate and quite dramatic and he was able to mow a lawn with absolutely no allergic reaction. Because of his enthusiasm and remarkable results, it prompted me to study this therapy and I have seen similar results. Allergy sufferers will usually need four to six treatments if they have several allergies and long-term relief is usually achieved.

To read more about this incredible work, I recommend you read the book "Winning the War against Immune disorders and Allergies" by Ellen Cutler, D.C.. It also discusses the various conditions that can be treated through bioenergetic techniques such as chronic fatigue, arthritis, candida, food allergies, etc.

If results are less than perfect, one can consider using a homeopathic remedy for the exact substance that you are allergic to. There are remedies for pollens, grasses, dust, trees, etc. and these formulas should offer additional relief assuming you are tested and know exactly what you are allergic to.

Dr. Silverman is a chiropractor/kinesiologist and state certified nutritionist who has been in practice for 25 years. He has taught college level courses in holistic health and nutrition and has appeared on many TV and radio shows, including the Gary Null Show, and News 12. He has lectured and consulted for several homeopathic and nutritional companies and has offices in Roslyn (516) 484-0776 and Hauppauge (631) 724-6780.