What Element is Your Soul Sign Influenced by?
by Rosemary Altea

We know that everything is energy and so is every living thing on this planet. We also know that every animal and every structure in nature is pure energy. What we don't know, or haven't known until now, is that all animal life is created from one of five primary sources of energy: Fire, Earth, Air, Water and Sulpher. All animal life, is influenced by, driven by, one of these energy sources. Every action, every reaction, has been influenced by one of these energy groups.

There are five soul groups, five primary energy sources, and thirteen soul signs. The first four groups, Fire, Earth, Air and Water, each have three soul signs. Our Fire signs are the Bright Star, the Dreaming and the Retrospective souls. Our Earth signs are the Warrior, the Visionary and the Hunter souls. Our Air signs are the Newborn, the Prophet and the Traveler souls. Our Water signs are the Old, the Peacemaker and the Seeker souls. In our fifth group, Sulpher, we have only one soul, the Dark soul.

Each one of us belongs in one of these groups and although we are definitely all influenced to some degree by every type of universal energy, our soul is created from only one primary group. Each of us is driven to act, to think, to feel, to respond by our particular type of energy. Fire signs are driven by and act through their emotions; they are the reactors; they react. Earth signs are driven by and act through a need to plan and to strategize; they take action. Air signs are driven by and act through frustration or oppression; they are the non-action takers. They are generally passive and easy-going. Water signs are driven by and act through a need to evaluate and to compromise; they are the inter-actors. Sulpher signs are driven by and act through a desire to corrupt; they are the destroyers.

Have you ever wondered why you get on better with one sister than another, why your father has a better relationship with your brother than you, or why you relate more easily to one child than another? The answer is simple: energy, energy, energy. Have you ever wished that your mother was more like you, that you could react to situations differently than you do, that you could react less and think before you speak? How many times in a day do we all say "I wish I could be more like him, I wish she could be more like me, why doesn't he feel the same way I do?" Again, the answer is simple: energy, energy, energy.
Driven by our own particular force of energy, there are some things about ourselves we can change, and some things we absolutely can't. I am an Earth sign, born into and driven by a field force , a powerful force of energy which drives me to plan. It is inborn. Even if I want to be spontaneous, my brain just starts to strategize, and to organize my thoughts and actions. And I just can't help it.

A friend is a Fire sign, a reactor, bright, shining and naturally, she needs to be the center of attention. Her emotions drive her and she often does the craziest things, sometimes causing herself real problems. “Why? why?” I have often wondered, but now I know. She's a Fire sign, and she just can't help it. Driven by her emotional need to be noticed and to be recognized, she reacts, reacts, reacts.

Water signs, the great compromisers, and Air signs, those generally easy going and passive people, seem to have an easier time than Fire and Earth signs, but they can drive you crazy just the same. Water signs, trying to make everybody happy, can really give themselves a hard time, as they insist on compromising, often to a fault. And we Fire and Earth signs know there's no way to please everybody, so why try? And as for those wonderful Air signs, they can drive everybody else crazy because that’s what they are afraid of doing; they simply can't make decisions.

Relationships are about compatibility, about our reactions toward each other. Knowing more about our soul signs helps us see which energies are compatible and which are not. If you are a Fire sign, you are most compatible with Air signs. Without air, fire cannot exist. If you are an Earth sign, Water signs are your best mates. Without water, earth just dries up and becomes dust. No matter what energy you are, we all need each other, but because we are, through our energy force, compelled to behave in certain ways, we must find the right environment and the right people to bring out the best in us. And now we have a real chance to do just that.

Rosemary Altea is the author of the new book “Soul Signs” (2004; Rodale Press; www.rodale.com). For more info about Altea’s other best selling books, workshops and other info, visit: www.rosemaryaltea.com.