The Art of Peace

Force as a natural energy moves without effort. A warrior is forceful when in the Way, and burdened when not. This is the fundamental difficulty of modern warfare, and the reason why all wars are lost. Force, such as that undertaken by flowing water, or turbulent wind, or the fire of a volcano, is moving with the natural balance of this peaceful planet -- thus it always prevails. The force of a modern human army, because it does not exist in balance and is not natural, always loses.

Even though a modern army may prevail to make temporary change, that change will never sustain because both sides of the battle are unbalanced and created in order to sustain unnatural conditions. An army is formed to defend a religious bias, or because of territorial greed. It may, as has been the case with terrorist attacks in the past, intend to promote a point of view and the counter attacks undertaken by the other side's forces do the exact same, but from a different point of view. Neither of these forces will sustain themselves because neither have balance. They do not "walk in the Way." The terrorists act out of hatred, anger, stupidity, hubris, religion. The counter attacking forces act out of similar notions -- revenge, greed, fear, defense. Both sides are therefore losers and nothing will be gained. No peace can be made out of war, and no unconscious battle can bring balance. God does not "save" either side in a war. To utter "God save America," or "Allah save Islam" is a worthless waste of breath. God will not save anything, for God is pure existence which reflects only those that occupy it. The warrior who is outside the Way is burdened, and will therefore only bring more war, unendingly. This is the case in most of the world today, and until consciousness and balance is achieved, it will continue to be so.

Philip Dunn is the author of The Art of Peace: Balance Over Conflict in Sun-Tzu's The Art of War (Jeremy P. Tarcher/Putnam; 2003; $11.95;