The Difference Between Intuition and Psychic Information

by Echo Bodine

Over the years, people have commented that I have an advantage to hearing my intuition because I have developed my psychic abilities and they believe that these two are the same. These two are not only not the same thing but they are located in different parts of the body.

Intuition is an inner "knowingness" located deep in our heart/solar plexus area. Men refer to their intuition as a gut feeling or hunch. Women use terms like "I just know I should do this" or this just "feels" right. I've come to believe that this is the voice of our Higher Self, which is available 24/7 to give us guidance in our lives.

Psychic abilities, on the other hand, are mainly located in the head. Clairvoyance is the gift of seeing vision, images, or pictures. For a clairvoyant, "seeing" psychic information is something like watching a movie. The information comes into the "third eye" which is located in the middle of the forehead, though invisible to the human eye.

We all have a third eye which can see from every direction. The information received can look something like a cartoon strip, snapshot or even as "one big picture." Depending upon how well the clairvoyant is developed, the pictures might come in very fast or slowly.

The most important part of a clairvoyant's job is to interpret the images they receive as accurately as possible. If a clairvoyant hasn't developed an understanding of the pictures he or she receives, she might give false information. Clairaudience is the gift of hearing spirit. This ability is also located in the head area. I think of it as psychic ears. There are two ways to hear spirit. One comes through as a clear audible voice, which many people claim to have heard at least once in their life.

The other form of clairaudience, which is most common, is the ability to hear thoughts that come into our head from God, spirit guides, angels, and

deceased loved ones. Mental telepathy, which is picking up the thoughts of people living here on Earth is also a form of clairaudience. What makes clairaudience so challenging is that our thoughts and the different thoughts coming into our psychic ears all sound similar and it's the clairaudient's job to discern which is which. The more developed the clairaudient's skill becomes, the easier it is to discern all the thoughts and different "voices' coming in. During a reading, a clairaudient can be receiving information from many voices at once. It takes quite a bit of concentration to listen to all the voices and discern which voices are relevant and which are not.

Clairsentience is the third psychic ability and that is "clear sensing." It is the ability to sense information about people and situations. The difficulty in discerning this ability is that sometimes the psychic isn't able to discern if it's their "stuff" they're sensing or if it's coming from someone else. The fourth psychic ability is called clairgustance, which is the gift of smell, and is again located in the head. I think of it as a psychic nose. Someone with clairgustance gets information in the form of smells and this most often occurs when a deceased loved one is visiting. The spirit will project a smell such as the cologne they wore when they were living or another familiar smell that the person will associate with them.

As you can see, most of these gifts can be challenging when it comes to discerning the symbols and thoughts and that's where the help of intuition

comes in. When I'm doing a psychic reading, I'm constantly relying on my intuition to help me interpret the information I'm receiving. I can't imagine doing this work without the help of my inner voice. Here are some examples of how psychic abilities and intuition work together:

One of my clients asked me if her husband was having an affair and into my third eye came a vision of a brunette sitting at a receptionist desk. A man walked up to the brunette and she appeared to be batting her eyes and flirting with him and he flirted back. The first thing I did was ask my intuition if they were having an affair and I got a strong "no" nudge in the area of my solar plexus (belly button). I asked if they were just flirty with each other and I got a strong "yes" nudge. Then I got a third eye image of the man walking into his office and that was the end of it. Simple flirting, and nothing more. Intuition is the best helper any psychic could ever ask for. It will let us know if the thoughts in our head are our own or thoughts coming in from outside. It will let us know if we're on the right track when interpreting our symbols or if we need to go back to the drawing board and come up with a different meaning. It helps clairsentients know if what they're feeling is their stuff or someone else's. It's constantly helping us do our work as accurately and effectively as possible, if we let it.

Adapted from "The Gift: Understand & Develop Your Psychic Powers" by Echo Bodine, (New World Library; $12.95; 2003) To order call: 1-800-972 6657 Ext. 52 or visit: