Look Hot, Live Long

Want to sculpt that body? Dreaming of a bodacious back and beautiful biceps? Spectacular pecs, shapely shoulders, terrific triceps, awesome abs? Gorgeous gams and glutes? Now you can with the new book "Look Hot, Live Long" by Christine Lydon, M.D. (Basic Health Publications; 2003: $14.95). Dr. Lydon's prescription for a strong and shapely self revolves around strength training, which builds muscle (and muscle burns fat), helps prevent age-related metabolic slowing, improves cardiovascular and gastrointestinal health, decreases the risk of osteoarthritis and osteoporosis, improves self esteem and makes you look great! It does not make women big and bulky!

Each muscle or muscle group responds to a variety of muscle specific exercises, which are illustrated as well. Women may design their own routine by working with the various appendices. They can choose the routine that fits their schedule, workout history, and current fitness level. They can reference the dozens of muscle-specific exercises that are listed by category, select the muscle-specific exercises for their chosen routine and find the number of sets and repetitions for resistance exercises to use and train the specific muscle groups.