Vijah Singh uses the Speed Stik
Products & Books to Help Your Golf Game
by Christine Lynn Harvey

In the game of golf, speed = distance and faster = farther. The Speed Stik is an amazing training aid that will help you hit the ball. Vijay Singh knows - he's an avid proponent of the Speed Stik. For every one mph you increase your swing, you can increase your drive 1-3 yards further. The faster you swing the club, the farther you will hit the ball! The speed gauge, a critical part of the Speed Stik, tells you the speed of your swing. Reset the speed gauge by lightly tapping the grip-end of the stik on the ground. The Speed Stik is an extremely effective teaching aid helping you to learn faster because it provides instant, reliable and accurate feedback. "I picked up 10 mph swing speed since I started using The Speed Stik. You will too!!" says Vijah Singh. You can use the Speed Stik in a variety of ways as a training aid to increase drive distance, as a stretching aid or as a target line. The Blue Speed Stik is for golfers 175 lbs and under; the Red Speed Stik is for golfers over 175 lbs. Only $99.99, the Speed Stik has a 30-day money-back guarantee and comes with an instructional DVD that includes pro tips on training with the Speed Stik, putting tips, course management and strength training exercises. To order, or for more info, please visit:, email or call 402-330-4144

Ben Hogan's status as golf icon is legendary. A four-time PGA Player of the Year, he celebrated 63 tournament wins but was also a very private man. The secrets to his golf swing was the Holy Grail that many golfers sought to acquire and now for the first time, it's revealed in "Afternoons with Mr. Hogan: A Boy, a Golf Legend, and the Lessons of a Lifetime" by Jody Vasquez (Gotham/Penguin Books; 2005). "Afternoons" offers a slice of Hogan's life from the perspective of his former shag-boy, Jody Vasquez. When he was 17, Vasquez took a summer job at Shady Oaks Country Club where Hogan practiced daily at the end of his playing career. Vasquez shares Hogan's golf wisdom ("The answer is in the dirt" and "Hit 10,000 golf balls") along with dozens of stories about him, from the way he practiced, selected his clubs and interacted with other star players. For more info, visit:

Michael Bamberger's "To the Linksland" (Gotham/Penguin Books; 2005; $14), is one man's search for the soul of golf and was first published to universal acclaim over a decade ago. Now, Bamberger offers a new afterward in which he returns to the courses he played to bring new life to his previous travels. In 1991, Bamberger quit his sports writing job and went to Europe with his wife in search of the origins of golf. After caddying in the Scottish Open, studying with a Scottish golf guru and playing on the world's oldest and most storied courses, Bamberger comes to understand the game on a more intuitive level and play the best golf of his life.

Johnny Miller, Hall of Fame golfer and NBC's lead golf analyst, shares his experience as a player and commentator in a no-holds-barred assessment of the hottest topics in pro golf today. "I Call the Shots" (Gotham/Penguin Books; 2005; $15) is Miller's commentary on a variety of topics, including: Why Tiger Woods won't break Jack Nicklaus' record; how to tell when the pros are choking and how to beat it when it happens to you; analyses of today's best players from Ernie Els, Phil Mickelson, Jim Furyk and David Duval to Annika Sorenstam.

The Inside Approach is an amazing golf aid that immediately improves your golf swing. It was designed by top golf instructor Jim Sowerwine, Director of Instruction at the Rick Smith Golf Academy at Tiburon in Naples, Florida. "The Inside Approach forces you to swing properly. If a beginning golfer could learn to swing without hitting the cushion, they would be miles ahead of the game," says golf great Jack Nicklaus. The cylindrical-shaped cushion that is attached to a stand hovers directly over the ball and along the intended target line. It can be used by both right and left-handed golfers, used with all your clubs and corrects swing paths that produce slices, pulls, pop-ups, pushes and hooks. It provides immediate feedback on your swing because the cushion pops off if your swing path is off. "You'll know immediately what a good shot feels like," says Nicklaus. Inside Approach ($59.98 plus S & H)) is portable and lightweight and comes with a handy carry bag, an instructional video featuring Jim Sowerwine and Jack Nicklaus (DVD or VHS) as well as the book "Play Better Golf" by Jack Nicklaus. Three additional DVDs "Golf Tips from the Pros, "Secret Lessons from the Tour," "Advanced Drills" are also available for $29.95. "Secret Lessons from the Tour" features several of today's greatest golf instructors as they share thoughts on addressing the most common swing faults. Highlights include Martin Hall teaching "Three Fundamentals of a Great Swing" and Jim Sowerwine explaining "Proper Contact with the Ball" and "the Proper Arc in Chipping." For more info, visit: or call toll free 1-888-610-3889.

The ProAim, that looks like a pair of sunglasses, will fix in minutes what has been causing you to miss putts for years and is guaranteed to immediately cut 5 strokes off your score. ProAim uses military night vision technology and works indoors and outdoors. The exclusive light sensor projects horizontal and vertical lines, like railroad tracks, across your field of vision as you are looking down at the ball. If your head and putter is not lined up correctly along the special grid that's projected by the glasses, you will instantly know your putt is off. All you do is align your head and putter with the grid and you're on your way to putting victory. The ProAim prevents you from pushing and pulling putts and corrects head tilt. It ensures the body is perfectly aligned, the clubface is square at address, your eyes are over the ball and you putt with a pendulum swing. It takes muscle memory to the next level by imprinting the perfect stroke alignment into the visual cortex of your brain allowing you use the power of your subconscious mind to sink more putts. "ProAim has changed the way I teach the game because it lets the student see what they're doing right and wrong. That's why I now use ProAim with all the top tour pros I coach," says Butch Harmon, voted the #1 Golf Teacher in America by Golf Digest. The complete ProAim System costs $59.95 plus S & H and includes a protected case and a 40 page putting guide. The DVD "How to Transform Your Game with ProAim" with Butch Harmon is $19.95. To order, call Greenhouse International, the manufacturer of ProAim, at 1-888-912-8700 or visit www. If you order online, you receive a free gift.

In just 10 minutes a day, "Golf Flex: The Complete Workout with DVD" (Hatherleigh Press; June 2005; $19.95; by Paul Frediani is an easy and effective way to add power and performance to your game, whether you're the weekend duffer or a PGA tour pro. The simple, easy-to-follow stretching and flexibility regiment is designed to warm-up and strengthen the muscles used specifically in golf. Golf Flex can help you increase power, range of motion to hit monster drives and help you avoid the dreaded golfer's elbow. This new, updated version will prepare you for the toughest courses with over a hundred instructional photos illustrating specific muscle stretches and a detailed explanation of golf injury hot spots and how to strengthen specific body parts to avoid golf-related injuries.

The Inside Approach
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