Releasing the Power of Kundalini Energy with Mantra Girl's
Erin Kamler by Christine Lynn Harvey

Erin Kamler is filled with a peace and presence that comes from practicing an ancient form of yoga known as “kundalini” yoga. Her new CD “Mantra Girl: Truth” is a blended mix of healing music and mantras that are peaceful and relaxing. Kamler has also produced two wonderful DVDs “An Introduction to Kundalini Yoga” and “Advanced Kundalini for the Spiritual Warrior.” The DVDs utilize the power of breathing, movement and mediation that energize the body, focus the mind and bring peace on all levels. Mantra Girl is comprised of Erin Kamler, her partner Adam Smalley and instrumentalist Dan Powell. Smalley has served as score producer, music supervisor and music editor on the films “Gladiator,” “The Lion King” and “A Knight’s Tale.” He also wrote the musical score for “Adaption.” A track from the CD, “Gobinday” was used in the Vin Diesel’s film “A Man Apart.” Kamler is the “front person” performing the vocals.

Kundalini Yoga is different than other forms of yoga in that it uses the chakra system of the body. Other yoga styles often focus only on stretching. Kundalini uses chanting meditation and long deep breathing to awaken the energy of the body. The goal Kamler says, “Is to move the energy from lower more primal points of the energy body to the higher chakra points which awakens the consciousness.” Before she started a kundalini practice Kamler says she had a “great deal more anxiety which was not just physical, but emotional.”

“With this practice, there’s a connection you make that I haven’t found another way to make. You’re able to balance your chakra system which holds a lot of internal energy.” Kamler says if you are suffering chronic illness say in your heart chakra which is located in your chest area, it may manifest as heart, respiratory and/or upper back problems. By opening up the heart chakra, you release the stress that is being held in that part of your body and start to feel more balanced.

“Natural healing is so much more profound because it is so empowering, more so than taking drugs” says Kamler. “You don’t rely on an external force to help you. You can take ten minutes out of your day and do this practice. When the mind is calm, it allows space for new information to come in, with more ease and more clarity and that in turn allows me to be more productive in my day, to be more creative cause I work in a creative field in which I have to be “on” all the time. Whether it’s teaching or recording, or writing music, I have to be 100% all the time. If I didn’t have the breathwork and the meditation. I think it would be much more stressful for me to be constantly putting out. I think a lot of people have that experience of feeling taxed and stressed, but with a regular kundalini practice, we can do everything we need to do without being stressed. It’s about opening up the channel and making the connection clearer.”

For physically minded people who mistakenly believe kundalini yoga or similar energy-based practices are for “spacey” New Agey types, think again. Yoga’s intention is keeping the mind calm. The mind follows the breath. “The main thing in yoga is that you are not using the body as this ‘tool.’ The body and consciousness become one, in fact, that’s what yoga literally means, a “yoking” of mind and body. An even further extension of this concept is to unite the mind, body and spirit. Having an intention around the breath is so that our mind can calm down. If you set the intention to stay calm and make healthier choices, then that sets the tone for the whole day. When we add breath to it, it influences everything we do. “When we work out, it becomes easier and more productive. We are not these stress machines programmed to go the gym and just burn calories,” Kamler says.

The one thing yoga has taught me,” Kamler says, “is that the mind is so powerful. Our minds have power over what happens in our bodies. If we are stressed out, it doesn’t matter how much we work out. We’re still not getting to the core issue. With yoga, we can actually change our minds, It’s like a training program for the mind. We train our minds so our body can then follow.”

For people who are afraid of yoga because of its religious component, fear not. You will not suddenly be transfixed with the idea you should quit your day job and join an ashram. “The ultimate goal of yoga is not to follow someone else. Having a teacher you trust is important to learn proper form, but yoga is very much about self-empowerment and relating to ourselves on a deeper, more pure level. We are so bombarded with media and other people’s opinions and so programmed by other people’s ideas of who we should be, yoga strips all that away to the essentials of who we really are.”

“Make friends with your body and know that the mind, spirit and body work as one. Yoga provides stillness so you can listen to what’s going on within yourself.” Kamler’s words of advice when beginning yoga in any form are: “Start slow. It’s so important especially if you are new. It’s not about you mastering yoga, it’s about yoga working for you. Remember yoga is a practice, not an accomplishment. It’s important to remember it’s a practice and not something you’re going to get in one try. Even if it’s one pose, or one breath, with practice, you become better and it becomes deeper.”

For more information on Erin Kamler, her Mantra Girl’s CD “Truth” or her kundalini yoga DVDs, please visit or call 310 403-7707.