Using the Intuitive Arts to Tap Financial Abundance by Katherine A. Gleason

Do you feel that you were born to be broke? Or perhaps your sense is that you will never have enough, that you will never feel abundant. As a spiritually attuned person, deep down you may feel that money should be unimportant or that it is somehow anti-spiritual; nonetheless, you worry. If you add up all the time you have devoted to thinking about money and worrying about it, the hours and the energy you have put in probably add up to a staggering expenditure. But do you ever think about money other than as something to get and to spend? Have you ever thought about what money really is?

The American Heritage Dictionary defines money as "A commodity such as gold or silver that is legally established as an exchangeable equivalent of all other commodities and is used as a measure of their comparative values on the market." So, money is something that you exchange for other things. It represents potential-goods that you could acquire, trips you could take, classes in which you could enroll. As such, money has no inherent value. Its value is determined by what it can bring you. As you know, the price or comparative value for very similar goods can vary widely. You can buy a pair of shoes for $30 or you can spend $300. The monetary value of goods is determined by the market. If no one would spend $300 on a pair of shoes, then the value of the shoes would drop and so would the price. You will also want to consider what value things have for you in personal terms. If you don't like coffee, you probably would not spend $3 on a latte. Three dollars for a cup of coffee would seem absurd, especially when you can buy a cup for $.75 at your local convenience store.

So, instead of worrying about money, or the lack of it, why not take a step on the path toward your own abundance? Deciding what things are worth to you--regardless of their actual price-is a crucial first step. A trip across the country may be worth more to you than those designer shoes, even if the shoes have a higher price tag. The real value of the trip versus the shoes depends on you and on your values. It may help to think of money as a form of energy. The actual currency--the physical objects that we use, like the dollar bill--represent units of energy. And in fact, the word "currency" comes from a Latin word which means "a flowing." This word and the word "current," which we usually think of in terms of electricity, both come from the same Latin word. So, you see money does have an energetic connection.

In addition, our English word money comes from a Latin word meaning money or mint which was derived from Moneta, a name for the goddess Juno. Juno was associated with money because her temple in Rome was also the site of the mint where currency was made. Don't you find it interesting that Juno, the queen of the gods, is so closely connected to money? Certainly, this connection can serve as evidence that the financial and the spiritual do in fact go together. Furthermore, you could argue that money is, in fact, a matter of spirit. And what better way to investigate a matter of energy and spirit than through the intuitive arts of astrology, tarot, and psychic intuition?

The intuitive arts can help you see and interpret the energy that is all around you. You can use the intuitive arts to determine what it is that you really want and what you truly value. The intuitive arts can help you appreciate what you already have-another important aspect of personal abundance. You also can use the tools of the intuitive arts to increase your awareness of your tendencies and reactions to events in the financial realm. Once you become aware of your negative financial tendencies, you can work to change them. This new understanding of yourself will aid you on the path to reaching your financial goals. Know that no one, no matter what their astrological chart says, no matter what Tarot cards they consistently draw, no matter what dire forebodings their intuition picks up, is doomed to be perpetually broke. We all have free will. Your cards, your stars, and your gut instincts can alert you to pitfalls and thus help you to avoid trouble. By the same token, these tools can alert you to opportunities and help you to be more open to them. If you are always telling yourself that you are broke or in financial trouble, stop! Change the channel and focus on what you do have. Allow the intuitive arts to give you new insights about yourself and the workings of the financial world. This information will help you grow, evolve, and change into a richer and more satisfying relationship with money and your own personal abundance.

Katherine A. Gleason is coauthor of “The Intuitive Arts on Money: Use Astrology, Tarot, and Psychic Intuition to See Your Future” (Alpha Books, 2003). To order this book from the publisher, call (800) 526-0275. Visit Katherine on the web at