The Payoff for Staying Fat by Loree Taylor Jordan

One of the primary issues to examine when dealing with weight issues is: What is the person’s emotional attachment to fat? I know you are screaming at me saying, “I want this fat to be gone in the worst way!” Yes, I honestly believe you, but what is the unknown emotional undercurrent that may be keeping your fat? If you think that your subconscious is not capable of self-sabotage, think again.

On the one hand you are desperately searching for the Holy Grail to lose weight, looking for every new diet and exercise fad in the universe. You are pumping yourself up with all the reasons you have to succeed this time.This is not idle talk this time. No, you are on a mission. You are a dieting maniac running with the hordes, following the latest diet guru’s advice. ou will go after every fat roll and cellulite dimple like a heat-seeking guided missile. Your scale is standing at attention, ready for weigh-ins. You will succeed!

On the other hand there some pretty good emotional payoffs for staying fat. It should be your goal, to truly do some soul-searching and discover what is really brewing emotionally at a soul level. You will have to do some homework because you can’t change what you don’t acknowledge.Now list all the reasons that have really motivated you to lose weight in the past. Write about them. Explain in as much detail as you can. All these reasons have one thing in common: They aren’t good enough! If they were, you would have already lost all you’re fat and kept it off. The body can only do what the subconscious will comply with. If you have a hidden agenda or a payoff for staying fat, all the reasons in the world won’t be enough for you to lost weight. Let’s look as some of the reasons that prevented you from losing weight:

1. The weight will just come back what is the use! 2. Discipline is hard! 3. As protective device: Who has/is emotionally, physically, mentally abusing you and why are you continuing to allow it? To feel less vulnerable many rape victims will unconsciously gain weight to avoid being violated again. 4. On some unconscious level, you believe that you don’t deserve to be thin. There would be no more excuses. If you lost the weight, you would have to confront relationships, success, and all those things on your “after I lose weight” list. Now you can blame the fat for not having those things. Listen, you can blame almost anything on fat. It covers a multitude of sins, and who want to blow a great excuse?

Here’s some Soul-Searching Exercises: 1. Make a list in your journal of any other reasons that have prevented you from losing weight in the past. Please list them in detail. 2. Now list the obstacles you’ve come up against in the past when you have tried to have the body you wanted. 3. List all the fears that might be stopping you from losing weight. 4. Write down what you think it would take for you to break through these reasons and fears. 5. What is the first step you would have to take to break through these fears? 6. What is the next step?

What do all these reasons for not losing weight have in common? They all work! They keep you from losing weight on a subconscious level. No matter how motivated you think you are, none of your reasons for losing weight will work for you if the subconscious reasons for keeping the weight are stronger. If you have failed in the past, you’re going to have to make a complete and dramatic shift in your attitude and point of view about your emotional weight. In order to make this shift, you’ll have to give up every notion you’ve ever had about losing weight, give up your ideas about what works and what doesn’t work and forget everything that’s happened in the past.

You are on a new journey with a different set of beliefs. Sometimes you need to ask yourself a better set of questions. Looking at some of your emotional triggers and feelings that may be operating beneath the surface will help you understand what may be keeping you fat. Peeling off your emotional layers like peeling an onion may take you out of your comfort zone, but that is where the growth takes place. If you are struggling with your weight, you may have ultimately experienced shame and guilt somewhere in your past. You may have tried unsuccessfully to wrestle the zipper on your pants a protection device of your subconscious mind. You now can begin enjoying the freedom that comes from releasing old protective devices and enjoy your journey to feeling fitter and happier.

Loree Taylor Jordan is author of the new book, “Fat and Furious: Overcome Your Body’s Resistance to Weight Loss Now! (Madison Publishing 2004 $19.95) She conducts national workshops and radio interviews and speaks via satellite at Anthony Robbins Life Mastery Program. For more information about Loree and her award-winning books please contact:, 1-877-24Loree or