Values and Intutition: the Empowering Connection
by Lauren Thibodeau, Ph.D.

Your intuition is a natural extension of your senses and is a very powerful sense of knowing. Your intuition works hand-in-hand with your personal value system. When you integrate it with a solid foundation of your most treasured values, you've tapped into the Empowering Connection.

If you're passionate about your family, your intuition will be more finely tuned there than in other areas. If you're passionate about animals, then your natural-born intuition will be even more effective in that realm. If you're passionate about health and wellness, then your natural intuition will lead you to deep and powerful knowing in that area. If business is your "thing," your intuition will be most reliable there.

Learn to trust and develop your intuition by regularly testing it in ways that provide immediate feedback. Simple tasks, such as intuiting the time on the digital clock before you open your eyes when you awake suddenly, or intuiting who's calling before you check the caller ID, easily build intuitive practice into your daily life.

Pay attention to your body's natural intuitive style. The wisdom of the body is strongly connected to intuition. Notice if you're highly visual in your speech, for example, if you use the phrase "I see" to explain that you understand. Notice if you get lost in music easily. If so, your intuition may "speak" to you through musical themes, lyrics or song titles. Notice if your tummy clenches, your skin tingles, you develop a headache or your face flushes in the presence of people who drain your emotional energy or otherwise cause you discomfort. Your body's insights are clues to your intuitive style. Your natural intuition is always "right" in one important way: it wants to serve you and guide you to better choices. Remember, your inner wisdom is not only in your brain!

Understanding your intuitive style is one half of the Empowering Connection equation. Understanding your values is the other half. Often, we aren't really sure what we value. Clearing away the distractions of other people's dreams imposed on us, society's expectations of us, or the guilt we may feel for seeking our own truth is often the biggest obstacle we face.

Taking time to assess, whether for the first or the 40th time, what you truly want from life will bring you closer to your soul's purpose - the one thing the Empowering Connection between values and intuition keeps prompting you toward. Consider water flowing downstream: when one course is blocked, the water always finds another route. The Empowering Connection between values and intuition operates in much the same way as water flowing down from the mountaintops: it always finds a way to help you understand your life purpose.

Uncovering your core values requires an inward journey. Here are some open-ended statements to ponder in your quiet time. Even just five or 10 minutes on each one of these can help you gain insight into your core values so that you can access the Empowering Connection and lead the life you were born to live. Jot down your impressions and insights on the following:

If I had no family, career or financial obligations and could take one year to do anything I please, I would... If I knew I had just three years from today to live, I would spend my precious time on... I have always wanted to learn to... If I had financial resources to do anything of service to others, I would... If I could live anywhere, the place I feel most drawn to is... When my life is over, I want people to remember that I was...

By gaining life experience and continuing to assess your values and by practicing your intuition on a regular basis, you'll find that this Empowering Connection also evolves. You'll simply know what's best for all concerned. You'll discover that you have a sense of what's right and that it's OK to slow down and make an analytical assessment, too.

Let the Empowering Connection help you build the overall strategy for your life, and your analytical mind help you create a plan to get you there. If you feel that you should make a career change because your natural-born intuition and your core values are guiding you there, that's fine. But take the time to do some research, too. Investigate training, opportunities, costs and the time you'll need to transition.

The inward journey to your own knowing, your own inner wisdom, is a path with many rewards on many levels and the Empowering Connection is the first step on that sacred path. May you enjoy the journey.

Lauren Thibodeau, Ph.D., NCC, MBA is the author of "Natural Born Intuition: How to Awaken & Develop Your Inner Wisdom" (2005). An intuitive consultant, speaker and workshop leader, her private practice is based in New York City. Her website is