Fat and Weight Loss "Winners and Losers" by John L. Boos

Spring has arrived in full force. Flowers are in bloom. But is your waistline blooming, too?? Now that summer is only weeks away, once again the weight loss gimmicks lie in wait, salivating to ambush the gullible who salivate over pasta and pastries. You start to panic over what you might look like in a bathing suit, and you're willing to buy into any magic pill and exercise gadget that will practically do the work for you. This is when you're most vulnerable...the warmer months when you are forced to wear short sleeves and shorts. No more jackets and sweaters to cover up the sins of poor eating and insufficient exercise...those flappy robin's wings on the underside of your arms, or that flowering cellulite on the back of your thighs. And so it begins. You will do anything to lose weight fast.

When you weave laziness with bad habits, you create the perfect audience for the snake oil sales representatives and exercise gadget gurus. They aren't after the hard-working, intelligent, self-respecting public.The Type "A" panic person I described above usually jumps in the net like tuna on a good fishing day. They can't wait to make up for "lost time." This sets the stage for the perfect impulse buyer. You can collect all the powders, pills, toning toys, video tapes, diet books, and the latest technological discoveries. You can even use them. But, for the most part, you will be left standing in a puddle of confused disappointment. But don't despair. There's always next year. So let's just woof down the cheeseburgers and hot dogs and wait for the next terrific promise to save the ever declining health and expanding waistline from ultimate doom.

What about the success stories out there? How do they fit into all of this confusion? I'm not talking about the fly-by-night success story. You know, the one that lost 30 lbs in two months or lost 4 dress sizes on the latest fad diet. Firstly, most of that is untrue, and, secondly, let's wait a year and watch it all come back two-fold.

The real success I'm speaking of is the realistic hard-working individual who knows that no video tape, food supplement, or T.V. exercise toy is the answer. The successful people keep the fat off and have much more muscle tone. They have learned the truth. The truth is that only muscle tissue uses fat for fuel. They also know that fat burns up in the muscle not only during exercise but at rest as well. With just these two facts alone, it doesn't take a biochemist to figure out that the more muscle the body has on it, the more fat that will be burned. The successful people have learned that to put on muscle, you have to exercise properly. To keep fat from accumulating at a faster rate than burning it off, you must learn how to eat. Therein lies the difference between the successful person and the unsuccessful person. You can compare it to a marriage. If the marriage needs to be improved (like the body), you must acquire assistance. If you try to do it on your own, the possibility of failure is great.

Congratulations to the successful health and fitness enthusiasts. You have chosen the right path and formula in order to obtain your goals. You have not only gained a more shapely leaner body, but you have also acquired improved mental and physical energy. You are now in charge of your aging process. From what I already know and from what others have told me, you are also a lot sexier both in and out of bed. And look how smart you must feel from all of this success. You didn't waste endless time and money on voodoo videos and magic pills. Feels great, doesn't it?!

On a personal level, I want to close with a big thank you to the many super people that chose me and my staff as their team partners. We win when you win! I can't tell you how good it feels to bring out the best in so many people. Without a doubt, it brings out the best in me. Whenever people thank me for doing so much for them, I'm quick to reply, "You did the work. I only showed you how," and I thank them for the privilege of showing them. The truth is, that only the people who are willing to work hard, seek proper information, and carefully choose their motivators become long-term winners. Swallowing the baloney from magical mystery marketing maniacs has short-term results, at best. Thank you once again for the tremendous honor of playing such an important part in such a personal symphony - the symphony of life.

John Boos is two-time Mr. World/Mr. NY State, is a NYS licensed massage therapist and is a certified medical exercise specialist with ACE certifications. He has designed special ergonomically correct exercise equipment (MASS) and specializes in exercise as it relates to diabetes, menopause, osteoporosis, high blood pressure/cholesterol, knee/hip/back pain, arthritis and hip replacement. For more information, visit his website at www.boosworld.com or call 631-587-4786. He is available for lectures as well.