Emotional Freedom Techniques: Is There a Universal Healing Technique? by C.J. Puotinen

Gary Craig, the founder of Emotional Freedom Techniques believes he's found a universal healing technique and he wants you to try it. Why? So that you can lose weight, stop smoking, improve in any sport, get along better with your boss or spouse or children, alleviate stress, improve your vision, eliminate pain, reduce allergic reactions, get top scores in classes and exams, overcome anxiety, recover from illness, have more energy, make more money, improve your love life, and even relax and enjoy public speaking, America's number-one phobia. By tapping on key acupuncture points while focusing your thoughts. Craig, a Stanford trained engineer, calls his method EFT, or Emotional Freedom Techniques. Once people get the hang of it, he says, they can change their lives in just a few minutes with lasting results.
Los Angeles physician Eric Robins, MD, prescribes EFT for his patients at every opportunity. In most cases, chronic conditions that did not respond to convention treatment improve - and in some cases, EFT is so successful that he cancels scheduled surgeries.
Dr. Robins is convinced that almost all functional and chronic disorders - including infections, asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, migraine headaches, hypertension, and chronic fatigue syndrome - are caused by stress. "EFT is particularly effective in clearing the physical manifestations of stress and past traumas," he says. "It's the perfect complement to conventional medicine."

EFT's premise is that the underlying cause of every negative emotion or physical symptom is an energy block in one or more of the body's meridians, the same energy paths mapped by Chinese acupuncturists thousands of years ago. "It doesn't matter whether the problem stems from a deeply traumatic incident or an argument with your mother," says Craig. "The solution is the same. Tapping on the meridians removes energy blocks, and whatever you're thinking about when the blocks disappear is transformed at the same time."

The basic EFT procedure is so simple that even young children can do it. In fact, some of EFT's most impressive case studies involve children who tapped to overcome their fear of monsters under the bed or bullies at school, or who became top students despite dyslexia, hyperactivity, or attention-deficit disorder, or who won athletic championships with EFT's help.

Therapists and counselors who use EFT for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) report permanent improvement in record time, even in soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. "PTSD affects an estimated 20 million Americans and is especially common in combat veterans," says EFT practitioner Susan Hannibal in San Diego. "Even when they don't sustain physical injuries, their lives can go into a tailspin. Traumatic memories are an underlying cause of health problems, social isolation, domestic violence, divorce, alcohol or drug abuse, and shattered families."

Just before Navy Corpsman Wilbur Hurley left Iraq, he had to deal with a young Marine's suicide. That event triggered memories of a murder suicide Hurley witnessed as a child, and he began having vivid nightmares. Returning home, he isolated himself from friends and family and suffered debilitating anxiety attacks, flashbacks, auditory hallucinations, anger, and irritability. After his first EFT session with Hannibal, which she videotaped, Hurley left her office much relieved of his symptoms. "It was pretty much the greatest day of my life," he says.

"Traumatic memories and phobias usually respond quickly to EFT," says Craig, "and the results are usually permanent. EFT not only prevents post-traumatic memories from causing problems, it successfully treats memories that are decades old." Two years ago, California resident Irene Mitchell was visiting her daughter in New York when a truck crashed into their car, shattering her left hip and femur. She was not expected to survive, but after three days of intensive care, surgeons repaired her bones with steel rods, pins, and screws. During her stay at a rehabilitation nursing center in Suffern, NY, she learned EFT and she made an amazing recovery. She later went on to take up dancing and parasailing. This was after doctors told her she would probably never walk again.

To learn about EFT, read hundreds of case histories, check New York area workshop schedules, and download Gary Craig's free EFT instruction manual ("Get Started Package"), visit www.emofree.com.