Getting Rid of Unwanted Hair with Electrolysis by Kathy Anne Resasco

Whether prompted by health concerns or the understandable desire to look better, the removal of unwanted hair happens every day, with men and women. Unwanted hair can be caused by a number of factors ranging from normal physiological changes, hormones, heredity, diseases and even simple stress. Whether your problem is unwanted hair on your lips, chin and cheeks, unwanted hair on your arms or your underarms, unwanted hair on your legs and thighs, unwanted hair on your breasts, abdomen and back, electrolysis remains the only safe, permanent way to remove that unwanted hair.

This demand for permanent hair removal has inspired the development of numerous "perfect" methods. Only one has proven to be permanent while at the same time offering the multiple rewards of treatment that is safe, relatively painless and cost-effective. The newest form of electrolysis is the Apilus system. Apilus is a powerful, computer controlled system that gives the electrolysis a high degree of precision and control.

A very tiny, hair-thin probe is sent down to the root of a hair follicle and the electrical current helps to eliminate the growth of germinative cells which are responsible for hair growth. Apilus electrolysis can give you clear, hair-free skin in all these areas as well as a more attractive hairline and neckline. To allay any concerns about electrolysis, here is an 'Question and Answer" method for learning more about electrolysis:
Q. How does electrolysis remove hair? A. Basically, the electrologist directs a tiny, split-second impulse down to the hair root.
Q. What parts of the body can benefit from electrolysis? A. Every part of the body except inside the nose and the ears. In fact, electrolysis is so cost-effective a procedure, that relatively large areas of the body, such as areas of the back, arms and legs, may be treated within limits of time and budget.
Q. Are needles used in electrolysis? A. No, a very special type of probe, developed specifically for electrolysis is used. There is no sharp piercing tip.
Q. Is electrolysis painful? A. At most, there is a warm and tingling sensation. You can hardly tell the probe tip is being inserted. The tiny current destroys the hair root. Prescription creams are available and will provide virtually no sensation at all.
Q. Is electrolysis really permanent? A. Yes. Foremost medical authorities agree that electrolysis is the only positive and permanent way to remove hair.
Q. Can I just use depilatories to get rid of hair? A. Yes, but this is only a temporary method. As with waxing, and use of razors and tweezers, hair grows back quickly. Bleach and depilatories take time to use and are a continuous expense. They are also chemicals which have been known to cause cancer.
Q. What if hair seems to return while I'm being treated? A. Your own previous attempts to remove hair may be the reason for this, as hair usually takes one to fourteen weeks to regrow. The growth may be hair that had not yet appeared when you started treatment. But electrolysis will remove it permanently. Also, a hair that has been waxed or tweezed may not have a straight growth down to the root. Several treatments may be necessary to successfully destroy a distorted root.
Q. What can I do about heavy growth of hair between treatments? A. You can safely cut hairs in or near the area being treated. But leave enough hair for your electrologist to treat and remove. Do not tweeze, wax, use depilatories or bleach.
Q. Can I have all my hairs removed at one time? A. That depends on individual growths. If they are heavy, your electrologist will probably recommend a series of treatments. But they are over so quickly, you can have them done on your lunch hour.
Q. What is the right age for electrolysis? A. Any age is right. Of course we recommend that in the cases of pre-teens and individuals over 65, a physician should be consulted before treatment begins.
Q. Is electrolysis expensive? A. As compared with many other beauty treatments, the cost is moderate. It's a small price to pay for a lifetime of freedom from unwanted hair.
Q. I recently read about 'alternative' hair removal machines and methods. Are they safe? Are they effective? A. Electrolysis is the only permanent hair removal method available today.
Q. How about inexpensive home machines sold in major department stores and through the mail? A. Quite simply, they afford temporary, usually painful, costly and ultimately ineffective hair removal. There is no comparison to electrolysis as performed by a highly trained electrologist who maintains the highest possible standards for the sterilization of instruments used in their practice.

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