The Power of Plant Spirit Healing

by Laura Aversano

"Crazy Horse dreamed and went into the world where there is nothing but the spirits of all things. That is the real world beyond this one and everything we see here is something like a shadow from that world." —Black Elk

Indigenous plant shamans were well aware of the power they worked with each time they used a plant for medicinal purposes. Their medicine was different, as were their intentions and purposes for healing. We are in a time where the world is changing and we are reaching new evolutionary levels in body, mind, thought and emotion. We must learn to respect the truth that there’s an inner knowing within each one of us that applies to every aspect of our existence - a way for us to pay closer attention to the signals we get when we are in need of healing ourselves.

With every aspect of creation, both personally and collectively, there is a vibration. Whether that vibration is thought, emotion, energy, or essence, it will always carry a polarity of light and darkness to it. From the heavens to the Earth, from the spirit to the soul, from the mind to the heart, we will continually need to learn to balance those polarities as we live each moment. Learning to let the grace of Spirit enter us so that we come to a peaceful stillness within will benefit us whether we use allopathic, natural or complimentary means to heal ourselves.

When we are working with plant spirit healing, we are utilizing the greatest potential of the plant - its spirit - to come into a resonance with the polarity we are hoping to balance. Each plant has a spirit and a soul, as we do, and each plant is connected to a higher power as we are. Indigenous plant shamans would call upon the spirit of each plant to initiate the healing, with respect for and honor to the higher energies that belong to every created living organism. Every time we invoke prayer, we invite in a higher vibration or energy which increases the healing potential of the properties of the plant we are using and brings us into a closer resonance with its healing potential.

A plant mirrors a human being in every aspect of self, spirit and soul. Each plant spirit's vibration will filter through the physical plant itself and emanate outwards. This vibration carries different frequencies of light which correspond with the physical, emotional and spiritual properties of all sentient and nonsentient beings within its reach. The plant and its spirit can work at various levels to heal a person. One frequency will resonate with the physical body, another with the emotional body, another with the spiritual body, and so on. The ‘bodies’ are all interconnected and one cannot be affected without affecting the other, as one cannot be healed without healing the other. The degree to which this healing unfolds varies with the individual and their higher purpose. The effects subtly influence the energetic structures in the new relationship we are seeking to create with ourselves.

As we become aware of the potential of the plant to heal in this way, we also become aware of our own potential to heal ourselves. We can then begin our work with the plant and its spirit in a different way. Our bodies will naturally become accustomed to utilizing the energy of the plant so that we will need to cultivate less of the physical plant itself to create medicinal remedies. Our bodies will also need less of the physical plant to fulfill its healing purpose. We will create a relationship with the plant which serves a homeopathic purpose for the healing of all things. In turn, this relationship will help conserve the earth's valuable resources.

Plants are graciously patient. As you create a healing relationship with a plant and its spirit, you will be guided as to the source of your imbalance. The healing remedy of one plant may not necessarily work in the same way for one person as it does for another. That’s because each of our healing journeys are different, and each of our relationships with the plant kingdom are different.

Take a closer look at how you feel the next time you’re surrounded by the stillness of nature. Spend more time in nature and you will notice that not only do you feel more peaceful, but you are guided by the inner physician within all of us. Then, the next time you might not be feeling well, set your intention for healing yourself and see what kinds of plants and flowers attract your attention and how they makes you feel when you are around them. Then read up on these plants to what kind of healing properties they possess and whether they are suited to your condition.

The most important thing to remember is that we are all part of a co creation. When we humbly ask a plant and its spirit for healing, we surrender ourselves to the possibility that there is a force in the universe which is greater than we understand. It’s this force which brings the life and spirit to the plant and it’s this force which will bring you the healing that you need.

Laura Aversano is a medical/spiritual intuitive, a plant empath and healer. She is author of The Divine Nature of Plants: Wisdom of the Earth Keepers ($26.00). Visit Laura at her website at or email her at