Dolphina: The Goddess of Bellydancing

Dolphina, the stunning star of the acclaimed GoddessLife Goddess Workout fitness VHS/DVD series has put a new twist on her patented bellydancing workout with the release of BELLYDANCE WITH VEILS, an all new workout that sculpts and strengthens the entire upper body through graceful movement of the veil.

Born in Northern California, Dolphina learned to bellydance at the early age of four. As a teen, Dolphina traveled to Morocco where her love and experience with bellydancing was even more influenced. Upon returning home, Dolphina attended New York's prestigious American Academy of Dance and Drama where she discovered bellydancing as a key to unlock the feminine spirit. "Bellydance is a workout for the mind, body and spirit," says Dolphina. "It can result in the most astounding body and life changes."

In addition to producing and starring in her GoddessLife fitness video/DVD collection, Dolphina established The GoddessLife Center, a private fitness sanctuary located in Marina del Rey, CA designed to inspire, enrich, challenge and celebrate the power of goddess femininity. It's here that women can experience the GoddessLife philosophy first hand, a philosophy that has attracted such stellar practitioners as Selma Hayek, Rebecca Romjin-Stamos, Heather Locklear and Shannon Elizabeth, among many others.

"Every woman is a goddess and has a goddess within her," says Dolphina. From stay-at-home Mom to CEO, from girl-next-door to super model, Dolphina espouses that women can fulfill their life as a Goddess when they factor in well-deserved personal time to nourish and celebrate their feminine spirit. Most women, even supermodels have had concerns about their abs, buns and thighs. These are the muscles toned the most with Bellydance. It is also the area of the body that embodies the strength, sexuality, femininity and power of a woman. The act of moving this area of the body in pleasurable ways with undulations and figure eights, as opposed to squats and crunches, is such a shift in attitude that it significantly boosts self-esteem. The physical benefits of Bellydance include improving flexibility, toning muscles and improving cardiovascular capacity. Bellydancing burns 200 calories in 30 minutes.

Bellydance uses muscles differently than any other exercise. A principal aspect of bellydance is isolation of certain muscle groups: one set of muscles move, while other muscle groups remain still and are strengthened. This dynamic form of exercise sculpts and defines muscles by lengthening them. For example, holding your chest still while your hips move in snake-like figure-eights tones your oblique muscles, defining your waist.

Bellydance, also known as Raks Sharqi (in Arabic) and Danse Oriental (to professional dancers), has a long and colorful history. Born to celebrate Mother Earth, the art of bellydance originated as a fertility ritual dance, re-enacting the miraculous process of birth while celebrating the fertility that makes birth possible. Humankind's oldest recorded piece of art, the sculpture entitled "Venus of Willendorf," is believed by many archaeologists to be evidence of ancient matriarchal societies and they think it is at least 25,000 years old. During this period, women danced with other women to honor Mother Earth in sacred ceremonies and for childbirth preparation.

Approximately 4,000 years ago, patriarch-based religions conquered the matriarch-based religions, but bellydance survived and was transformed into entertainment. As the Ottoman Empire reigned, female gypsy dancers were hired to entertain only the women living in the harems, thus continuing the original legacy of women dancing exclusively for women. At the end of the Ottoman Empire, Turkey became a republic, and religious limitations were lifted. Women were allowed to dance again publicly, this time, for both women and men. The European painters discovered Middle-Eastern dance in the 18th Century during the "oriental" craze. They then introduced it to the West where it was named bellydance for their fascination with the exposed belly. In America, belly dancing enjoyed its first significant renown when the famous dancer Little Egypt performed at the Chicago World's Fair in 1893. Americans found themselves fascinated by the exotic body rhythms and music, eventually including them in many silent films made just a few years later.

Dolphina's philosophy is that dance is what you put into it and what you want to get out of it. Bellydance is now performed worldwide as entertainment, as art, in religious ceremonies, as a birth dance and as a fitness regimen through THE GODDESS WORKOUT with Dolphina.

The GoddessLife videos are distributed by StudioWorks Entertainment and both VHS and DVD versions retail for $9.99. For more info, please visit Dolphina's website at or call 1-877-MY-GODDESS.