Products to Increase Your 'Chi'
by Christine Lynn Harvey

"Iron Yoga" by Anthony Carillo with Eric Neuhaus (Rodale; 2005; $14.95 book; $9.95 DVD) is a program that combines yoga and strength-training for weight loss and total body fitness. Always looking for ways to improve his performance, Ironman triathlete Tony Carillo became an avid yoga practitioner because yoga increased his stamina, strength and flexibility. By adding free weights to his yoga routine, he felt even stronger. Eventually, his private workout routine evolved into "Iron Yoga." Carillo's program improves lean muscle mass, flexibility, range of motion, mental focus and overall strength. It balances muscle symmetry and also helps you release stress and tension through proper breathing techniques. For more info, visit

“The Chi Energy Workbook” by Simon G. Brown (Sterling Publishing; 2003; $17.95) is promoted as "a practical guide to the essence that links all holistic therapies together." This book is essential to anyone who calls himself or herself an energy healer or teacher. There are practical exercises to strengthen chi, or life force energy in order to promote healing, prevent the ravages of aging and keep the mind alert. The book is divided into Exploring Chi Energy for Body, Mind and Emotions and covers specific topics such as Reiki, Chi Gong, T'ai Chi, Shiatsu, Meridian Stretching, Macrobiotic Eating, Yoga, Chakra Healing, Acupressure, Feng Shui, Meditation, Tsubo Therapy and more. Exercises that teach you to how to increase chi in all areas, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual is explored in depth.

"The 30-Day Revitalization Plan: Total Rejuvenation for Body and Mind," edited by Miriam E. Atkins (Sterling Publishing; 2005; $14.95) is an excellent plan for completely overhauling yourself in just one month. The plan covers mind, body, spiritual well-being and includes tips on fasting, juicing, meditation, using mantras, yoga, breathing, weightlifting, aerobics, stretching, detoxing, nutrition, healthy recipes, home spa treatments - and combines all these elements in a day-by-day 30 day program. It's highly recommended and everything New Living encompasses!

"Tantra of Sound: How to Enhance Intimacy with Sound" by Jonathan and Andi Goldman (Hampton Roads Publishing; 2005; $15.95; includes a CD and teaches you how to use the power of focused intention, the healing power of breathing, toning, chanting bija mantras and sacred vowels for balance and well-being. Using the voice and sound healing in new ways can expand consciousness and create harmony in our lives. Various kinds of music, the use of tuning forks, crystal singing bowls, tingshas and tibetan bowls are explored as well.

"The Edge Effect" by Eric Braverman, MD (Sterling Publishing; 2004: $19.95; is an intriguing book that proposes certain personality types and other medical conditions are affected by certain neurotransmitters in the brain. The loner and procrastinator type of personality has a dopamine deficiency; the eccentric and perfectionist suffers from acetylcholine deficiency; the GABA deficient person is unstable and/or is usually a drama queen; the serontonin-deficient person is self-absorbed or an iconoclastic rebel. Adult ADD, Alzheimers, memory loss, weight gain, sexual dysfunction and other medical conditions can also be explained by brain chemistry imbalances. Dr. Braverman offers a complete holistic program that includes cognitive, behavioral, nutritional and supplement therapy (as well as prescription drugs and hormones if necessary) to help you balance your neurotransmitters for optimal health and happiness.

"PowerSculpt for Men" by Paul Frediani (Hatherleigh Press; 2005; $19.95; with DVD, offers a complete body-sculpting and weight training workout using the exercise ball that builds core strength, definition, flexibility and energy for men. In a progressive 12 week plan, you'll learn how to use the exercise ball to tone your entire body with amazing speed. The book and DVD offers workouts for all fitness levels and a 15 minute PowerSculpt Blast Circuit.