Magnetic Therapy: What Kind of Magnets are Best?
by Bruce Spiegler

We all exist as living beings through the natural electromagnetic fields produced by ions throughout our bodies. Disease, injury, pain and inflammation are a state of imbalance in this complex natural energy system. Supplementing the body's energy field with an external magnetic source, designed specifically for that purpose will help to rebalance our energy systems when needed. In applying magnetic therapy, an environment is created whereby pain and inflammation are reduced and the body is able to heal itself more efficiently.

Magnetic therapy can work more effectively than ice, heat, infrared light, anti-inflammatory drugs and cortisone injections. Healing of injuries can be accelerated by as much as 50%. But, to be effective - a magnetic therapy product must have the proper magnetic field strength, polarity, penetration depth and angle of application.

Magnetic therapy today is in the position that herbal and nutritional supplements were about thirty years ago, where few people know what strengths or ingredients to look for. Like herbal and nutritional supplements, there are also vast differences in the quality and effectiveness of magnetic therapy products.

Therion Research is the leading provider of professional grade magnetic therapy products for natural pain relief. During the company's early product development stage, over 150 people who were using other magnetic therapy products were interviewed to see how well they were doing with them. Therion's research results indicated that while 40% were helped, as many as 20% reported that their pain actually got worse. The remaining 40% felt no difference.

The results found the majority of people were using products that contained magnets that were so weak they had almost no therapeutic value at all. A basic law of magnetism states that magnetic field strength decreases rapidly as the distance from the magnet increases. Therion discovered other magnetic products were unable to generate sufficient magnetic field strength and penetration depth to reach much below the skin's surface, let alone deep tissue and bone. Others were using products that had their magnets installed backwards - which has been proven to increase pain and inflammation.

When it comes to relieving pain and healing, it's important to have the correct magnet pole directed at the source of your pain. To put it simply, the bio-north pole of a magnet reduces pain, helps your body heal faster and makes it easier for you to get a good night's sleep. The bio-south pole makes you hurt more and can cause insomnia if used in a magnetic mattress pad.

Even with a well-designed magnetic therapy product, to be effective, it's important that it be used for the recommended period of time. Many people start out using a magnetic therapy product to stop the pain, but then give up because the product is uncomfortable and irritating. As a result, the mechanisms in magnetic therapy that create the anti-inflammatory and pain relief effects are impeded.

Therion uses the most comfortable cushioning possible and have designed their supports and braces with a patented thermal regulation system that actually breathes at a controlled rate - while removing moisture and excess heat and eliminating irritation. This allows people using Therion products to wear them 24 hours a day.

When looking for information about magnetic therapy, most people turn to the internet. The problem is that many of the websites can get a little bit "creative" when reporting the strength and penetration depth of their magnets. Many sites report to have magnets that have a stronger, deeper penetrating magnetic field that is supposedly more effective and faster-acting but, it doesn't help you choose the product that will actually help ease your pain. Many manufacturers magnets actually stop being effective long before their reported penetration depth.

Magnetic therapy products are alternative health products - they are supposed to make you feel better, not the same and certainly not worse. Therion's products have been engineered and developed based on over 14 years of extensive research by a team of experts in alternative medicine, including one of the few U.S. Registered Magnetic Therapists.

As a direct manufacturer, Therion uses high-energy magnetic materials that are stronger, larger and more effective than any other brand. Therion uses scientifically proven formulas and have developed new engineering methods to ensure that its products are therapeutically effective.

Bruce P. Spiegler is CEO of Therion Research Inc. Therion products are prescribed by doctors and therapists and have been proven to be safe and effective by thousands of people worldwide. For more information on Therion magnetic therapy products, call 631-231-3100 or visit their website at