Pam Paone

26-year old Pamela Paone entered a competition for Venus Swimwear and won the title of being one of Venus’s swimwear models out of a field of 50 competitors. Pam had always been active in physical fitness as a cheerleader, volleyball and running track for her high school. Pam is originally from Winter Haven, FL 45 minutes southwest of Orlando.

Pam participated in modeling pageants when she was younger with her twin sister which she did together until they entered college. Pam went to Florida Southern College in Lakeland, FL where she studied computers. She got into financial planning once she moved to the suburbs of Philadelphia where she lives today. She is focused right now on her modeling career and plans on competing in Venus’ swimwear competition this fall.

To stay in shape, Pam works out four days a week. She always does cardio for 30 minutes, like spinning or kickboxing which are her favorite aerobics exercises. Then she does some weight training for 1/2 hour; two days a week she works the upper body and the other days she does legs and abs. She never works out more than an hour a day. Pam also does Pilates for about 45 minutes twice a week. Pam eats more protein like chicken and fish and tries to stay away from carbs. She really loves spinach salads which are her main staple.

She drinks a lot of protein shakes and tons of water. “A lot of times when you’re hungry, it’s because you’re dehydrated. Water also helps curb your appetite,” Pam says. “If I don’t drink water, I really notice it. I have no energy and I just drag.” The experts recommend you drink a 1/2 ounce of water per pound of body weight.

She also takes Ester-C and a multivitamin with B-Complex, Vitamin E with selenium and cod liver oil which Pam says is good for her skin. She also takes calcium and magnesium. She says she likes taking Green tea extract and spirulina for energy. When she’s on the road travelling, she takes a big bag of her supplements along with her.

Pam says her twin sister gets her through the tough times. “She’s my best friend. We call each other all the time.” Even with her sister still living in Florida, Pam calls her twice a day. “She knows my feelings before I even do and vice versa. We have that twin ESP thing.”

Pam says she and her twin Karen, have a special psychic connection. After Pam had several knee surgeries, her sister would call her and ask her if whether her knee was bothering her on certain days cause she would feel Pam’s pain even though she was a thousand miles away.

“We always do that.” Pam says she called her sister a few weeks ago and asked her what she was so mad about and she knew exactly what she meant. Once Pam bought a dress and before she described the details of the dress to her sister, her sister informed her she had gone shopping at the same time and bought the same exact dress!

When her sister got engaged, Pam knew the exact time she got engaged and that a certain piece of jewelry was involved in the marriage proposal. “I couldn’t sleep at all that night and when I called her the next morning, I said ‘What happened last night at 10:00 o’clock and what does a cross have to do with it?’” Her sister was amazed Pam knew what she did. “We’ve bought my Mom the same exact gifts and did not know it until she opened the presents.”

Pam says she and her sister have a special spiritual connection and their respective husbands have been very supportive of their special bond. Pam says her husband thinks her relationship with her sister is “awesome.”

As for words of advice, Pam says: “Happiness always starts within yourself. Being true to yourself is something I always fall back on. To work on yourself inwardly before you work on yourself outwardly always prevents unhappiness later on.”

Joe Edelman, Pam’s photographer, helped her get her portfolio together and she is grateful to him for getting her modeling career off the ground.

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