New Natural Product to Help Pain Relief
by Dr. Joseph Debe

Kaprex is a new natural plant-derived supplement that rapidly and effectively relieves pain and inflammation without causing adverse side effects. Kaprex is the first natural product to be manufactured utilizing state-of-the-art proteomic evaluation. This process is a revolutionary advancement in the production of dietary supplements, which leads to formulation of products scientifically validated to be safe and effective. The value of this product is its combination of effectiveness and safety. There are other natural pain-relievers and anti-inflammatory formulas that are safe but Kaprex has been found to be 250% more effective than the best of these products and there are no known side effects.

Every year, an estimated 16,500 people die from taking non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Most of these deaths are due to gastrointestinal bleeding. The newer prescription non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs, Vioxx and Celebrex, were purported to be advancements because they did not damage the gastrointestinal lining. As it turns out, those claims were false and long-term use of these medications can indeed produce gastrointestinal toxicity.

Both the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and Kaprex work by reducing the concentration of a body chemical called prostaglandin E2 (PGE2), but they do so through different mechanisms. PGE2 is a powerful hormone-like chemical that is responsible for producing the majority of the pain and inflammation associated with arthritis and other conditions.

The non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs reduce levels of PGE2 by inhibiting the activity of the enzymes that manufacture it. Unfortunately, not only is PGE2 production reduced in joints but it is also reduced in gastrointestinal tissues. A certain level of PGE2 is necessary to keep gastrointestinal tissues healthy. When PGE2 is deficient, ulceration can occur.

Kaprex works through a safer, "upstream" mechanism. It reduces the excessive formation of the PGE2-producing enzymes, rather than inhibiting their activity. It does this at the gene level. It appears to actually reduce the message to the genes to manufacture the enzyme! This makes all the difference in production of gastrointestinal injury. The net effect is that Kaprex is active in joint tissues without affecting the gastrointestinal tract. Kaprex has been tested in a model cell system to assess its potential for negative impact on the gastrointestinal lining. It was found to be very safe.

The way Kaprex was developed is fascinating and represents a breakthrough in nutritional supplement formulation. First, more than 150 various natural compounds were selected to be screened for in-vitro (test tube) influence on inflammatory chemical formation. Three outstanding compounds were singled out for further testing. These were a hops extract, rosemary extract, and oleanolic acid from olive leaf. These three compounds were tested in different combinations and a specific ratio was found to produce significant synergy. Synergy is the phenomenon of the combination of multiple agents producing a greater effect than the sum of the effects of the individual components. Next, a study was done to make sure Kaprex was absorbable and bioavailable. Six subjects were supplemented on different days with one Kaprex, three Kaprex, or one Celebrex. Their blood was drawn prior to dosing and at 1, 2, 4, 6, and 8 hours after dosing. The blood samples were analyzed for their ability to reduce PGE2 levels in a cell model system. Kaprex worked quickly and maintained effectiveness through 6 hours, with activity beginning to decrease at 8 hours. One tablet of Kaprex appeared to be as effective as one capsule of Celebrex and worked more rapidly. As would be expected, three tablets of Kaprex produced a significantly greater effect than did one tablet.

The final type of research conducted with Kaprex to date, is human case studies. Three representative cases have been published, although Kaprex has been used by thousands of people. Kaprex was found to produce powerful relief of pain and stiffness associated with osteoarthritis. The dosage used ranged from 1 pill three times daily to 2 pills twice daily. A couple of beneficial "side effects" have been found to be fairly common with Kaprex. These include reduction in hot flashes and night sweats and a lowering of high-sensitivity C-reactive protein (hs-CRP) levels. Hs-CRP is an independent cardiovascular disease risk factor and is associated with other conditions including obesity and diabetes.

Dr. Joseph Debé is a Chiropractor and Board Certified Nutritionist practicing in North Shore Fitness in Great Neck, New York. Telephone: 516 829-1515. For more info, visit: and Dr. Debé will be giving a free presentation at Whole Foods in Manhasset on Wednesday October 8th at 6:30 pm. The title is "Holistic Evaluation and Treatment of ADHD.”