A Year of Creativity: A Seasonal Guide to New Awareness

by Brenda Mallon
Andrews McNell Publishing

Brenda Mallon demonstrates how to connect with the natural world, experience fresh energy and reap the benefits of a heightened sense of creativity and spirituality.

Creativity expert Mallon believes that everyone has the potential to be creative, but that the natural gift of creativity is too often neglected in favor of convention, logic and routine.

Mallon reveals how to release one's own creative energy and apply it to daily life to enliven relationships, improve work performance, and ultimately enrich the soul. "A Year of Creativity" is an inspiring interactive workbook packed with guided exercises and practical techniques to stimulate and develop the creative inner self. Each of its 12 Creative Paths contains short sections for contemplation, a questionnaire for self-examination, and a series of creative exercises. After working through just a few of these exercises, readers are richly rewarded with the discovery of new confidence in their creativity and a desire to develop it further. Imaginatively designed and elegantly produced, this book is a practical manual, an original spiritual source book and a beautiful gift. Brenda Mallon is a practicing psychotherapist who leads international workshops in creativity, dreams and healing. She sits on the board of directors for the International Association for the Study of Dreams and has published numerous books on dreaming. Brenda lives in Manchester, England.